What kind of Catholic am I?

I was baptized in a Roman Catholic church and was confirmed in a RCC. My father (and his entire family) is Byzantine Catholic. I have heard that you are automaticly part of the rite that your father was, even if you were baptized into a different rite. So, am I a Byzantine or Roman Catholic?

Thank You,

Dear Andrew,

One is whatever rite one’s father is. This how it works. So you belong to the Byzantine Rite, even though you have received all your sacraments in the Latin Rite. It’s all the Catholic Church. So there is nothing to worry about. This will not affect your sacramental life in any way unless you want to be a priest. Then you would need a despenstation to be ordained for the Latin Rite just as you would if you belonged to the Latin Rite and wanted to be ordained for an eastern rite.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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