What kind of Catholic are you?


There is a post somewhere about the HLS Club… there is even have a Facebook page. I would say that’s me, I believe everything Hook Line and Sinker but I fail all too often.

I just ask for forgiveness and/or go to confession and try to do better the next day…

Prayer is the key!

I also try to fully participate at Mass, I’m an EEM and just love our worship - it’s one of the things that brought me to the Church. But even saying that I’m sure there have been sometimes I’m a little lax… everyone has their ups and downs.

If you haven’t ever been an EEM, try it. You will see that there are some who come up very half heartedly… but just seeing those, even if it’s only a few, who are truly prepared to recieve our Lord - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist makes Mass a very moving experience.


The faithful kind…at least the kind who attempts to be faithful to God & to His church.


Is someone who attends daily mass and is involved in the parish in some extra way a better catholic than one who attends mass occasionally?

This is not a good way of looking at us (humans), IMO. “Better”? What makes one “better”? An observance of more devotions? A more sincere faith? How do we measure faith? These are all subjective qualities, which leads me to suggest that perhaps we are caring too much about the wrong things, and we ought to drop this topic for the utter uselessness of it. I will say that Catholics should be in Mass every Sunday; that is a precept of The Church, and thus a requirement to be a practicing Catholic, but I will reiterate what I said before; we should avidly be avoiding comparing our Faith to others (or putting ourselves down as others have done here. While good intentioned as they may be, that is still applying us all to some sort of ‘Catholic Measuring Stick’ that I feel very strongly should be avoided, as well as, IMO, shortchanging their worth in God’s eyes.)

Is it right for us to criticise someone who attends mass but makes no responses during the mass?

No. I sat next to a woman at Mass once who didn’t sing, who didn’t respond, who only stood, knelt, and sat. Halfway through I offered her a hymnal, because I thought she maybe wasn’t Catholic and our Missals are in the same book as our hymnals. She smiled, and whispered no thank you, that she was too hard of hearing to know what was being said or sung. I suggest others who might find the other parishioners distracting during Mass do what I do; keep your eyes closed in prayer and sit near the front.


I am a passionately devout Catholic, who often falls far short of the holiness demanded of us. I agree with every doctrine that the Church has, I guess you could classify me as faithful to the teachings. But when I think of the sins I have committed, I know I’ll probably be in Purgatory for a long time!:blush:


I think people shouldn’t judge what kind of a Catholic you are solely by how you are in Mass. I know some people who actively participate in the Service, dress up nicely, give lots of money, but it’s pretty much all for show. They treat others like garbage, lie, steal, and are pretty much bad people, but cover it up with all of the show at Mass. That’s terrible, and it hurts me to see people like that. That’s not what Jesus wants.

Me: I’m not perfect. I honestly dont’ dress up for Mass unless my parents tell me to, I fall into temptation and sin, and sometimes I may fall asleep during service. But I like to think of myself as a kind and loving person. I love helping others, I try to do the right thing, and I pray a lot. People love me and think of me as a good person, and I think that’s what God wants from me.



I’m a learning, trying, hopeful catholic


I am a Catholic, who believes in everything the Catholic Church teaches, even though at times I don’t complete understand. I try to do my best with not sinning, and keeping pure, but sometimes I do fall short, but that’s what Confession is for. As for others, I really try hard not to judge, I only judge my own actions, because those are the ones I can control, I pray for those who I feel don’t take there faith seriously, or those who have no faith, but I don’t look down upon them because for the grace of God, there goes I.


What you do at mass is between you and God. What makes you a good or bad Catholic is how you act outside mass, how you treat others etc.

As far as singing goes, I sing as softly as possibe. Believe me you do NOT want to hear me sing ! I do NOT want to hear me sing ! I’m fairly certain even God does NOT want to hear me sing.

Imagine hearing a dying toad with laryngitis about to be squashed by a 18 wheeler tractor trailer truck only worse.


Thankyou so much for all your interesting reponses everyone.

Rawb i hope you have gotten my point of the thread.I dont believe we should judge others at all.If someone makes responses/not is entirely their business.Most people have been humble/modest in their responses and i feel that is how we should strive to be.This thread should not be about who is better or not than one another at all.

Jeanne 71350 i agree with what you said.Living as a catholic is so much more than dutifully attending Mass…its living the life.I hope no catholic ever passes a beggar/homeless person without helping and so on.Prayer is essential also.

beonthelevel you are so right mobile phones going off during Mass!!! I totally agree it does not matter at all what we wear in mass and wether people respond or not .My attitude is at least they are attending mass at all.

wcknight you have hit the nail on the head…how we treat others,how we behave outside of mass is what matters.It doesnt make us a better or worse catholic than one another but its what God wants us to strive for certainly.

Rawb im sorry if i have offended you by starting this thread.Everyone has their own individual relatioship to God and only He can judge, not us… but that was pretty much my point really.So sorry for any offence caused i apologise to everyone if i have upset them in some way.
By the way i think im just a catholic.I love God in the best way i know how.I have committed terrible sins but am very remoresful and am truly grateful He has answered my prayers many times.I try to live my life to please Him now.I try to love all my brothers and sisters all over the world.The people who hurt me the most i try to love and forgive too.
God bless


I had been away from the Church for about 30 years and when I made my first confession after that time, the priest practically choked when I told him that my last confession was 30 years back.

He helped me with an examen of conscience and at the end of confession et al, I told him that I guess I hadn’t been too bad of a person, but I just wanted to be better.

So, that’s the kind of Catholic I am, picking myself up and praying and learning to be better.


God has called us all to become saints. Guess from reading all the posts, I would say we are all “saints in progress”. Sometimes I don’t even feel worthy to become a saint but I know that’s what He wants of me, so that’s what I’m shootin for! At times I take 2 steps forward, and 2 steps backward…thus the reason He instituted CONFESSION!!! A vital sacrament for the road to Heaven!! I LOVE CONFESSION!!!:heart:


The different types of Catholics:

Lax: “I like Mass, but I don’t feel like going today.”

Pax: “So how early do you think we can arrive at Mass?”

Hax: “I think if we make it before the last blessing, we’ll be okay.”

Fax: “I don’t see why coming early matters. I like to arrive at Mass right on time.”

Max: “My favorite part of Mass is the coffee and donuts afterwords.”

Chilax: “We’re late to Mass, but God understands that we’re in a traffic jam.”


how long did it take you to get to that point? I still see it as a dreadful obligation when I really mess up :sad_yes:


I’ve returned to the Catholic fold after decades too but I’ve always been what they call a ‘cultural Catholic’ - like, you identify and keep touch with the news but don’t bother to live the Faith. That’s all changed now.

I love Sunday Mass, though still have problems following the ‘new’ Missal and don’t sing the hymns because I don’t know the hymns at all (and can’t quite get into the modern mode of hymn singing).

Now, anyone that judges or looks down on other Catholics during Mass or whenever hasn’t read the New Testament.

What sort of Catholic am I? One that is a bit stuck in the past but trying to update as he goes along. I love prayer and the Rosary (I still can’t work out how these could be used as penance). I am amazed at the new sins I constantly discover and how easy it is to sin automatically… I am constantly apologising to the Lord when I catch myself out.

I’ve found it very encouraging to read the replies to this thread.



I second that emotion. -Smoky Robinson quote:thumbsup:


Rawb im sorry if i have offended you by starting this thread.Everyone has their own individual relatioship to God and only He can judge, not us… but that was pretty much my point really.So sorry for any offence caused i apologise to everyone if i have upset them in some way.

Oh, you didn’t at all! You sounded like you were just exploring an idea you were thinking about. I hope I didn’t sound angry, I really didn’t mean to. I was just trying to add my perspective; that even when we say “I’m such and such” we’re applying us all to a sort of measurement of judgment, which I really don’t think we ought to be pursuing.

I don’t think I’m explaining myself well. For example; say I said “I’m an ok Catholic. I try my best but I think I’m not doing that well.” Now, I may not intend to do it (and I honestly don’t think that anybody else who’s commented on their own perceived level of Catholic-ity has meant to) but when I say this, I’m applying a judgment to others as well. By putting myself anywhere on this ‘scale’ then I put others on that same scale automatically. At the same time (IMO) I think I’m doing things to my self esteem and underestimating my worth in the eyes of God. In general, I think we should avoid putting ourselves down, even if there’s a chance that any part of it could be true.

I think my ultimate point is that we shouldn’t take any of this very seriously is all. I don’t think much good, spiritually, will come of judging our level of “Catholic-ity”. That’s really the point I was getting at I think. With having said that I do NOT think that anybody (especially the OP) in this thread meant anything negative in posting, I just think, as I said before, that no positive end can come from this discussion. If we continue, we should be lighthearted and not give much thought to our ‘determinations’.

I sound like such a downer, LoL. I really mean to come over less-seriously then I sound. Honestly. Here’s a smiley to prove my point -> :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like I need to respond here about watching people who don’t make the responses and gestures at Mass.

I converted from the Mormon church when I was 17. Mormon services are A LOT different than Mass. You sit and listen to the Elders talk, and that’s it. Mormons don’t memorize anything or make any gestures or responses. So, as a teenager, when I went to Mass with my friends, I was a little overwhelmed by the interactive nature of the service. Later, when I went through RCIA with my mom, they naturally spent all their time catechizing us instead of teaching us how to act in the service. There were several things I didn’t really get clear on, and so I didn’t do them for fear of doing them “wrong.” Eventually, when I was on my own in the big church, I started getting nervous that people were watching and judging (by the posts on this board, I wasn’t too far off), and so I stopped going entirely. It took ten years and a major life event to get me to consider setting foot in a place of worship again.

My point is, a person has come to learn or to receive the Lord, and we sit in judgement that they genuflect on the wrong knee or show up in the wrong outfit? Come on, people. Grow up. there may be any number of reasons that they don’t respond–they’re new, they don’t know the responses or don’t know them in the right language, they can’t hear what’s being said, they can’t understand, they may have missed the last sentence, they’re preoccupied, sad, lonely, nervous, or they don’t believe or don’t care. The point is they’re present. How many other places are there that one could be on a Sunday morning? Be grateful that the person is at least interested enough in Christ to put his butt in a pew.

What was I talking about? Where did this soapbox come from? Oh well.

How “good” a Catholic you are is between you and Christ, and has nothing to do with keeping up appearances in church. Sitting in church no more makes you a Christian than sitting in a garage makes you a car.

Lecture over, go in peace.


I love it in the sense of being glad it’s there when I need it. Like brushing my teeth - not an outright joy to do, but so good to have clean teeth afterwards!

And I try to go frequently, even for the not-so-big things that I want to work on. That way I don’t get the sense that it’s just for when I REALLY mess up.

It’s a bit like studying for exams - usually you’ll be given practice papers and minor tests to do along the way, then the big ones won’t freak you out as much.


I ALWAYS get very uncomfortable with confession, no matter how slight I mess up. It helps me to view confession as going directly to Jesus. Jesus is right there in the confessional listening and giving you His boundless mercy and love. And yes, Lily is right…it helps to go as frequently as you can, so that you can receive the graces necessary to help you in NOT messing up quite so frequently. Confession strengthens those spiritual muscles. I know what you mean though, it’s sometimes like going to have a root canal done, but coming out with a completely new healthy mouth. I always feel so scrubbed clean and snowy white when I come out of confession. Like a brand new person. I really don’t know anyone that is completely comfortable going in to the confessional though.:nope:


I am an ultra-conservative Catholic. I attend mass every Sunday as well as being a Rosary leader, adult server and usher. In addition to that I am 3rd degree member of council 1494 K of C in which I hold the office of Advocate and I will soon be in the process of becoming a Secular Franciscan.

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