What kind of Catholic jewelry, medal, etc. do you wear?


Through the years I have worn a St. Christopher medal (lost it in a lake), three different crosses, and now a very nice four-way cross which I love. I am considering wearing a brown scapular too.


Brown scapular, blessed ring, cross and miraculous medal- seems like a lot now that I think about it, but I hate when I forget to wear one :slight_smile:


I wear the Miraculous Medal, the Brown Scapular and St. Margaret Mary’s medal of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


Blessed ring?


I was a Kairos retreat leader in high school and they gave us rings imprinted with a cross. I use mine as a bit of a chastity ring.


I have quite a few different crosses or crucifixes I will wear… those go in rotation. I also have a miraculous medal that was my grandmothers, it’s in full color too… one of my favorites! My other is a St Paul medal… every time I wear that, it is like putting on my “armor of God” :slight_smile:


It doesn’t sound like too much. I used to wear quite a bit… before kids! Before kids I would wear a miraculous medal ring, a rosary bracelet, some sort of cross or crucifix, and a St Paul medal on a long chain (it was usually tucked under my shirt and not seen, but I still wore it!) Sometimes I felt like a walking billboard for Catholicism. :wink: …but I loved it!! (now if I can just get my youngest past the grabbing all your jewelry stage, I’ll start wearing more again.


I wear the brown scapular (not enrolled, yet… trying to wait patiently), Our Lady of Gaudalupe (very small charm, smaller than a dime), green scapular in my pocket, and crucifix. It was not my intention to wear a crucifix just yet, but I was at a silver shop and this one just ever so lightly showed itself to me. I have not seen one such as this one, so I bought it and much to my surprise it was very easy to wear. I didn’t think I was ready for such a blessing.

I also alternate with various saint metals. And from time to time, I will wear a rosary bracelet or my actual rosary. I also keep a picture of our Blessed Mother laminated in my wallet, she is the first I see when I open my wallet.



I have my necklace that I never ever take off with three pendants on it

  1. My crucifix from a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat. It’s totally covered in tarnish, but I still love it.
  2. A plain cross surrounded by a fish with the word “Miracle” engraved on the back. It was a Christmas gift from a dear friend after my conversion.
  3. A Miraculous Medal.

I also have one of those saint bracelets - the stretchy kind with the pictures of the saints around it. Mine’s pink :slight_smile: And finally I have a pair of simple silver cross earrings. I usually only wear those two when I’m going somewhere that I need the extra ammo to remind me of my faith.


I wear this every day on a short silver chain:


I also have “Tiffany style” sterling silver charm bracelet with a single charm of a large heart shaped Miraculous Medal.



I have a gold crucifix on a gold chain that I wear every day. I say the Morning Offering as I put it on in the morning and the Act of Contrition when I take it off at night.

The only problem is that I can’t wear short decorative necklaces inside my collar with it because of tangling. Long ones that go over the clothing are fine, because the crucifix stays inside, near my heart.



I got some silver Saint medals, and I’m not sure what to do about them…

does anyone know if you can make a bracelet out of them? would that be alright? :confused: like it you put them on a chain…


I’m sure it would be fine. Some medals come from supernatural design, with certain instructions from the Lord. The Lord recommended through St. Margaret Mary that the Sacred Heart medal be worn around the neck, for instance. But I doubt that most of the medals of the saints have the same kinds of detailed specifications. I personally would feel perfectly comfortable with making a bracelet of them, if I wanted one.


thanks! :slight_smile: actually one of them is of the Sacred Heart so I’ll keep that in mind! but the others are all Saints and Our Lady of Fatima, St Bernadette, St Therese, etc. :slight_smile: there are 5 in total.


That’s lovely :). Just as there are 5 Saturdays in Our Lady of Fatima’s Devotion, you have 5 saints to pray for you on your bracelet. One of the great things about having medals always with you like that is they help the mind in veneration and call the soul to prayer quickly! They can even help spark opportunities for evangelism, because sometimes people ask about them.


I wear a Brown Scapular, a Crucifix, Body and Blood of Christ medal and a St Michael/Miraculous medal. Don’t leave home without it! :smiley:


:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


I wear a golden 10KT crucifix on my neck and carry a golden calf in my pocket


I wear a five-way medal-- which has a brown scapular medal, miraculous, St. Christopher, St. Joseph and a Sacred Heart in the center. (One time, I bought a similar medal but there was nothing on the back-- therefor, the brown scapular medal and miraculous medal were incomplete).

I also wear a St. Benedict Crucifix.

I would like to have a Holy Face medal, but I haven’t seen many of those in gold (I’m allergic to silver).

I love wearing multiple medals, they are a great witness; but I get a little irritated that I jingle every time I get active!


I don’t per se, however, when I was a child, always wore a scapular. I then wore a simple cross for many years but quit somewhere along the line. This spring, I started doing that again as a reminder of Christ with me and within me and my allegiance to Him.

Rather interesting story (to me) about my Dad… he always wore a scapular his entire life, which is why we did when we were children. He was killed in a car accident 5 years ago, and we searched high and low in his car and at the scene and the corener, etc. as well as us, never found it. He always said he’d wear one until his coffin. Did he take it with him? :wink:

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