What kind of closing response does your priest do with altar servers?

Anyway, I have had to serve Mass in different places ranging from the Basilica in Washington to a quiet university chapel and many times the priest always said upon entering the sacristy “Prosit” and the responses varied. So, I’m including a poll to see what the common response is.

I’ve never heard “prosit” and I’ve served Mass in a few dozen churches.

I have heard “thanks” and “thank you” to which I have usually replied “you’re welcome” or “you’re quite welcome.”

When I used to be an altar server, the priest used to bow to the crucifix in the sacristy and then say thank you. A certain priest (the leader of the altar servers) always gave us little treats like candy or fig newtons :D.

At my new church, when I started serving a couple of months back, the oldest priest there, who was a seminarian in the 60’s, when he found out that I was accustomed to the “Prosit procedure” now bows to me and the crucifix and says “Prosit” whenever I serve Mass for him alone. I usually respond with “tibi quoque”.

[This is in reversal of the way I had learnt which was that the server said “Prosit” and the priest responded. ]

The other priests just say “Thank you” or nothing. One who studied in Rome bows to the crucifix but none of the others do.

Seeing as how prosit means “may it be useful” and tibi quoque means “to you, too”, I assume this exchange is referring to the Mass just offered being fruitful (efficacious?) for the person?

I don’t and have never served.

But I just asked my son.

Our Priest says, thank you.

I asked my brothers… they said that the priest just says “thank you!”

Our priest says “Praised be Jeus Christ” and the servers respond “Now and forever.”

Yes. Another variant is to say “Proficiat” instead of “prosit”.

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