What kind of cross is this (pic)

A family member brought this blanket home. It has a Protestant translation of the Lords Prayer and some Scripture

But it looks like a Catholic cross. Do you know what type it is?

It’s a cross. What makes you believe it is Catholic?

The fleur de lis on the ends is typically French symbol. France being traditionally Catholic, catholic cross.


It’s not plain enough to be Protestant, at least to my perception

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I don’t think that art is always chosen for products with all of this kind of thinking behind it. Does anyone think there was a reason, other than how it looks aesthetically that it was chosen? I don’t.

Whether the question of “is the cross Catholic or Protestant”, I would say if you read the text on the backdrop, I would conclude the image in its entirety is not Catholic, but more likely Protestant. The scriptural reference does not contain the doxology that Protestants make part of the Lord’s Prayer, while the doxology is separate from the Matthew’s word in the Catholic Liturgy.

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