What kind of heart do you lift up?


During mass when we say "we lift up our hearts to you O’Lord"i envision myself literally lifting up my heart to God.i am curious? as to if anyone else does this and what do the see for the heart they are lifting up to God…i have sereval i lift up…1)a heart encased in stone that needs to smashed,this is when i feel i have been prideful and or unloving.2)a blob ouzzing blackness;this was my old heart of the time i was living sin…3) a heart that is a pile of ash,my old heart after coming into the fire of His mercy.4) a living heart covered with scars.for the times i remember the way i was.5)a living heart with wounds;for the times when i haven’t been too bad but still venial sins…6) a healthy living heart,on the few occassions i feel like i am truly worthy of His love…most often i offer my heart of ash cause most of the time that is what i feel i am left with,due to my own failures…once did i ever think there might be a speck of gold dust in the ash to please God with and even then i asked Him to take and keep that tiny speck of gold…anyhow me just going to throw this out there,i not looking for support/advice just curious as to if anyone else might feel this way or am i just wierd…but i will accept any and all advice/support


“A humbled and contrite heart, I will not disdain”

Sometimes my heart feels like the very worst of sinners…sometimes I can feel like God really loves me …sometimes I can feel God is so far from me or I am so far from God, what am I doing at Mass? Sometimes my heart is dead cold despite every effort to warm it…Sometimes …sometimes…

…sometimes this…and sometimes that…


A joyful one, because no matter what has happened or will happen to me, I am loved by God, and I have the promise of eternal life in heaven! :slight_smile:


This is where I’m at also… I lift up who I am… with all my scars, wounds, joys, sorrows… in trust that God will accept this gift of myself.


Wow, I never thought of this! I’ve always lifted up my hands and gazed at Jesus Crucified while saying “we lift them up to the Lord”, but never gave thought as to offering Him my heart in the way you describe.

Very, very good point–you’ve given me a new focus for the next Mass. :thumbsup:


When I think of my heart, I could not help but ask Our Mother to let me borrow Her Immaculate Heart. I’ve recently learned this from the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and I think we all should confidentally ask Her that.


Some of the classical Eastern liturgies say, “Let us lift up our minds and hearts.”


oh great:D ,seriously though that is a good too,as then we are lifting our whole to Him…thanks all i don’t feel as much of a weirdo now


not too many votes so i am just bumping this up as the poll closes soon.thanks to all who participated and read thus far…


I lift up a heart filled with all the suffering and joy of the world pleading for the Grace of Salvation for all the people of the world. I offer this heart through Mary to Jesus so that what my feeble mind and heart miss will be filled up with the heart of Mary our Mother.


thanks to all who have posted and voted…well i no longer feel alone in offering a heart of ash…i thought a scarred heart might have been the most offered,or the healthy heart…honestly it kinda surprised me that there are a number of people offering a heart of ash…prayer for love by St.Ambrose…Lord you are all merciful,take away my sins from me,and give to my soul the graces of your Holy Spirit. Take away this heart of stone(ash) from me,and give me a heart of flesh and blood,a heart to love and adore you,a heart which will delight in you,love you and please you,for the sake of Christ.Amen…


That is a great visualisation - thank you for mentioning this, I will have to meditate on it at the next opportunity. I have a cardiac problem so usually meditate on offering up my discomfort and (dare I hope) offer up my heart for healing. I also think of the way our Lord offered his heart to us for the spear, knowing full well it was coming - I pray for the courage to do the same given the circumstances.


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