What kind of movement is this?

What kind of movement that run this jesus-is-savior.com/. I pray to God that they will open up their heart mind body and soul to the truth one day. God help them?

Oh my! just looking at this website reminded me that maybe that is what hell looks like.

Pray, pray, pray for the CC.

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Nut-jobs. They seem to buy into every conspiracy theory ever invented. Sheesh…

Oh my! wisdomseeker I thought I am the only one felt that way. Surely they need a lot of reading,studying to do…God help them.

David J. Stewart reminds me a lot of Jack Chick. I think there might be a few link that lead to his site. Majority of the articles are written by Stewart and some by David Cloude, I believe. I don’t know how people can brainwash someone to think that a particular denomination like Baptist, Lutheran or Catholicism is wrong. I think they need some help

Well if one is right, then those that conflict with it are wrong. It’s not brainwashing, it’s making a distinction.

However, with that said, that site is just nutty, and would be better off being hacked and erased from existence.

They seem to know more about website design than religion. :rolleyes:

May the peace of the Lord be with you,
Prodigal Son1

It might not be a big deal to us but to those innocent ones it can be dangerous.

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They really harp on the legitimacy of the King James Bible. You know the type: ‘If the King James Bible was good enough for the Aposlte Paul, it’s good enough for me.’

However, while they do a hatchet-job on other English-language bibles, they don’t say much about Catholic translations. Perhaps we are too lowly and corrupt to be noticed.

And while I saw a LOT of bold-print statements with exclamation points, I couldn’t seem to find any statement where they claimed the backing of any legitimate authority other than what came from their own keyboards.

That site is so chaotic, it had to have sprung from a disordered mind.

Anyone notice right in the middle there’s a little blurb that says “Wake up America! You need to listen to Alex Jones!”

Isn’t Alex Jones the Protestant preacher whose studies led him and his entire congregation into the Catholic Church? I think there’s a book called “No Price Too High” that chronicles this.

If so, then maybe they should take their own advice.

Yes I agree. One thing as for me is that I need to learn about my Catholic faith more than ever before. If not I could easily fall into this kinda stuff false accusation about Catholic Church etc. I am in my 30s the point where I feel like I need to defend my Catholic faith. It is so important to me now compare to many many years ago. Thought that silence is the way to go but one cannot be silence if the other person is wrong. It is just like when you see someone drown should I just let her or him drown of course not you have to help him or her and that to me I called it act of love. And many Catholic site I found answered truthfully all these accusations why these poor lost soul don’t want to double check what they found and instead of asking the same person who dislike Catholic why don’t they go to the right source to find out and listen Catholic side of the argument. It is very very important to see both side that is the only way you could see which one came from the spirit of truth and which one came from the spirit of darkness.

That’s a different Alex Jones. The Alex Jones that the site is referring to is a conspiracy theorist that has his own radio show.

Yes I have the link here about Alex Jones :-catholiceducation.org/articles/apologetics/ap0077.html

Amen! and that is why many catholics have left the Church and even became haters of the faith.

They’re referring to this Alex Jones on that site.


(oh, oh, evil thought coming here… bad, bluerose, BAD! :tsktsk: )

Hey, maybe we can hack into their site and replace THEIR Alex Jones link with OUR Alex Jones link, and… just see what happens!

Just a thought…:smiley:

Yes you are absolutely right, lack of knowledge. We cannot just after baptism, confirmation said to ourselves okay that’s it I am set to go. It is a continuous process.

I am so blessed I have computer internet where I could surf and surf more about Catholic because I could not do it on my own. And forum like this one truly help me a lot to understand. Praise the Lord!

On a side note, I saw OUR Alex Jones speak at a local parish and he was brilliant. :smiley:

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