What Kind of Music do Catholics Listen to?

George Strait, Chris Ledoux, and other similar country. old stuff too. not crazy about the new country. Also love classic rock, skynyrd, and 80’s tunes. :slight_smile: Like someone else said though, lately I listen to more talk radio than music, especially Rush, Hannity, Ingram, and Dr. Laura. All are a nice conservative and Christian break from the news… like alot of you though, I don’t listen to much of any christian or gospel music. love the Christian talk shows though. :shrug: oh and Car Talk! :wink:

I’m probably in the same boat as you, I found them about a year and a half or two years ago, and I’m not sure when Unia came out. So you like “Days of Grays” huh? I haven’t heard anything but the clips on Amazon (which usually don’t help any), and I probably shouldn’t have read the reviews LOL So I was hoping to get some more personal opinions on it. The only other person I know who listens to them hasn’t gotten a copy yet. I know I should just order it anyway, I can’t imagine them making bad music :slight_smile: I think they were actually in the US last year, but the closest they got was Houston TX if I remember correct, and I don’t like to drive very far. But it would’ve been awesome, since they were touring with Nightwish then I believe. The closest I’ve gotten to seeing them in concert is the DVD that comes with “For the Sake of Revenge”. His voice is awesome live! On YouTube they have an acoustic slow version of Mary Lou, just him and the guitarist and it’s AMAZING. OK OK, I’ll stop gushing now. :wink:

Soft 70’s rock.
Steely Dan
Rock en Español (Enanitos Verdes, Alejandra Guzman, Charly Garcia, Radio Futura, Hombers G, Belanova, etc.)
Old School Funk
AND Luis Miguel and Eros Ramazzotti :blushing:

I am not sure if there is a direct relationship or not but since reverting back to the faith the answer to the thread qustion is “none”. At least no deliberate effort to listen to any specific music anymore. And I used to be a pretty big music fan. :confused:

Idk know about generally, but I love classical and almost any christian rock music. Some of my fav bands include:

Chris Tomlin
Matt Maher
David Crowder
Tenth Avenue North
Switchfoot (not a “christian” band, but all members are christian and the only thing that keeps them from being christian songs is the not-christian label :D)
Rebecca St. James
Lincoln Brewster
The Rex Band

Then I pretty much like any orchestral music… except for the really really long, boring ones :shrug:

God Bless!

I heart music. I listen to Autechre, Jars of Clay, Neil Finn, Neko Case, Sonya Kitchell, Handel, Rodrigo, Vivaldi, Casino versus Japan, Alison Krauss, Mute Math, and I’ll stop boring you.

Waylon, Willie and the Boys! (Merle Haggard, Hank Williams,Jr., Charlie Daniels) You get the Idea. Asleep at the Wheel

Jimmy Buffett, Kumbia Kings

Pink Floyd, Blind Melon, The Doors, Van Halen (not Van Hagar) Nickelback

Gregorian Chant, Andrea Bocelli, Casting Crowns, Tony Melendez :dancing:

Good Lord, how could I forget Country? There aren’t many Country artists I don’t like :smiley:

I have pretty broad tastes. I don’t like any rap (other than Weird Al) but toerh than that, I’m pretty open. Here’s a sample of bands/artists I enjoy:

Avril Lavigne
Barlow Girl
Collective Soul
The Corrs
David Cook
Fall Out Boy
Foo Fighters
Go Betty Go
Hillary Duff
Kellie Pickler
Kelly Clarkson
The Offspring
Presidents of the United States of America
The Smashing Pumpkins
Taylor Hicks
The Von Bondies
Weird Al

Oh man, my musical tastes are all over the place.

From Gnarls Barkley to Linda Ronstadt, to Kelly Clarkson, from Al Green to Thin Lizzy, and Starship to Jewel. I’ve become more interested in classical music to a voice class I’ve taken two levels of, so I’m a Handel and Bach fan now, though I had heard Bach and Beethoven before.

Everything! Your music choice is not limited because your Catholic.

I listen to everything. A lot of indie type artists. My favorite band in the world is MGMT and I love Flyleaf.

Oh all kinds, old Motown, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, various country, some Christian music. Everything except rap and like…what my sister calls screamo lol.

I listen to just about everything with the exception (and total banning from my ears) of rap.

I collect records so my collection and listening extends from The Singing Nun on one end to the Sex Pistols on the other. Oh – and I’m a big fan of the Eurovison Song Contest – if you know ABBA or Dana – that’s Eurovision

One of the sub-genres of stuff I have is my collection of 78 rpm records. (Any other 78 collectors among us?) So sitting on my turntable next to my PC is a 78 of Sweet Georgia Brown by Brother Bones and his Shadows. Over to my left is a 78 of Come Go With Me by the Dell-Vikings – and down on the bottom shelf is Paul Whiteman’s 1920s recording of Rhapsody in Blue.

Oh – and the Beatles

God Bless


I’m always open to new music as well as long as it suits my sensibilities. I’m pretty open.

i love all kinds of music!
mainly i like folk and older stuff such as johnny cash, bob dylan, and janis joplin *
i like amy winehouse, the libertines, pete doherty, adele, great stuff there.
modern folk music, neutral milk hotel, RYAN ADAMS, laura marling, bon iver, tallest man on earth, fionn regan, ferraby lionheart, johnny flynn, thomas dybdahl… folk music is just so good.
some rock and punk of course. [radiohead, rise against, wallflowers, libertines]
then… on the otherside of the spectrum i’m getting into rap/hip hop!

one of my most favorite bands is a religious band but not you’re typical religious band. they’re more passionate, honest, and raw. mewithoutYou. i got to see them in concert, best concert i’ve ever been to hands down. you gotta check them out. also, if you like mwY, you’ll like sufjan stevens. very similar in lyrics/faith but different genre. mewithoutYou is very folky in their most recent album but their last album was very heavy [but still great!] sufjan is folk, classical, and orchastra/band music all rolled up into one.*

Well, my favorite bands are metal, but the majority of my ipod is classic rock. I also have a decent collection of newer indie bands.

Metal: Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Judas Priest, Nightwish, HammerFall, Dream Theater, Scorpions, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Circle II Circle

Classic Rock: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, The Cars, Boston, Alice Cooper, The Beatles, Def Leppard, Billy Joel, Kansas, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, ZZ Top, Tom Petty, Foreigner

Indie Rock: The Decemberists, Arcade Fire, MGMT, The Flaming Lips, Kaiser Chiefs, The White Stripes, The Racontuers, Beck

Dream Theater is my favorite band :smiley:

I loved them, but I kinda stopped paying attention to their new stuff when Jani left (he’s one of my favorite guitarists… it was really sad when he left them). But if you guys say they’re still good I’ll check it out again!

soo basically I like metal a lot, bands like DT, Extol, August Burns Red and Becoming the Archetype… and progressive rock such as the Flower Kings or Transatlantic.

All I can say is if you’re Catholic and you also like metal and/or prog… it’s an honor to meet you. :wink:


You and my brother both. I think he has over 70 DT CDs (between all the singles, live albums, fan club CDs, official bootlegs, etc.) I just stick with their studio albums. :slight_smile:

Likewise. :slight_smile:

I would point out that Sonata’s last two albums are definitely a bit different than their earlier efforts (with less shredding), but they are still great albums IMO. “It Won’t Fade” from Unia is, hands down, my favorite song of theirs.

Classic Rock Rules:thumbsup:

God bless u all…

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