What kind of priest do you like to have as a parish priest?


I kind of like a more fatherly kind, like David Carradine’s Kwai Chang Caine (sp?) from the secobd Kubg Fu series. I don’t mind if he’s a flake, as long as he doesn’t seem the perverted kind, and Carradine’s wasn’t. I don’t mind a sense of humor, but not a bouncy, carefree pal, nor an anxious, troubled type. A little dry humor seems just right. One that reaches out to the isolated types after Mass would be good. I don’t know if any bishops mention that bunch. They’re too busy shaking hands and chatting with others. I think there should be more introverted priests, who could reach put to others like themselves, as long as the former are not found to be disturbed.


I would like my priests to be approachable and available that way if I have a question or need support in some way I can ask them without feeling like I am imposing on them. I am kind of shy when it comes to these things but I have a great thirst for God.


I would like to add that I know that priests are busy. Theres one or two of them and many of us.


I want a preacher…one who explains the faith. Check out Fr. Larry Richards on Youtube.


I prefer the priests that God calls into his service, not the ones who have a personality I would like to see, period.


I am new to Catholicism, so I have only had experience with our priest and limited experience with other priests.

I like a priest who:

  • is intelligent and has a sense of humor and who makes the lessons of the Bible relevant to life today in homilies
  • has faith and isn’t just going through the motions out of habit
  • is warm and friendly and that people feel comfortable talking to
  • is as involved as time allows with his parish and parish events
  • is available when parishioners need him (answers emails, returns calls, sets up appointments when a parishioner needs to see him in person)


It seems to me like the knowledge of priests will vary, I mean not every parish priest will be as knowledgeable or inspirational as the Pope, like when somebody finishes University, they may get the qualification and have the general knowledge but there might be others who are more skilled. Does it matter, really?


The last priest we had (who was my regular confessor for three years) was just about all of those except for the last one, which really ticked off my mom. :o


A holy priest who recognizes that he acts in persona Christi and thus lives for the love of his spouse the Church.



One who is not ashamed of the Gospel or Jesus. I know, it should be a no brainer…


One who teaches the faith and is passionate of his calling.


I believe God gets to shuffle the personalities to do His will.

I was blessed to have a young seminarian there for my re-version. I still follow him on FB and think of him as my baby brother. He style was conservative, educated, and logical. He tried to teach us St Thomas Acuanias writing of logic. I was still way to beginner to grasp that.

Then we had a retired Priest who was scientific. I loved him. He was so good at making complex simple he almost came across as a comedian.

Another one we had visit was from the Air Force. He was a no-games type who layer it on the line. He had no problem standing on the pulpit calling men to stop looking at porno, gambling, objectifying women, and such. To me this was shocking because society usuaLly focuses on controlling the women and “letting me be men”. I was so happy to see someone speak these words aloud in public that I could not help but give this strange Priest a big hug after Mass. I was dating a man who was a pro at objectifying women at the time.

Now we have a Priest who always has three points. This helps me because I have two toddlers, and it’s easy to follow.

Anyways, looking back, God sent the Priests I (we /parish) needed when we needed them.


One who is compassionate and humble.


:thumbsup: This is exactly how my Priest is, and hopefully how the Priests at the colleges I’m applying to will be, though I know for some Priests it’s nearly impossible since they have to manage 2-3 parishes in some dioceses.


We have 3 fantastic priests at our parish. Our pastor is a military Chaplain, has a great sense of humor, exercises regularly and loves to play golf. He has great sermons and his love for God and His Church shows through. Our other two priests are also excellent. The younger one, recently out of the seminary, also plays golf and participates in KC activities. And the elder priest was once a student in our parish school. We are thrice blessed.


I was recently told our priest, who has been ordained as long as I have been alive and I’m 38, still runs 3 times a week. I was impressed! And inspired. I’m 38 and do not work out as much as I should. If our little old man priest is running in all types of weather 3 times a week I need to step up my game!

I have to wonder if his exercise habits are why he is so sharp and all around awesome. There have been studies that link exercise to mental abilities, so maybe.


I am a convert too, and our parish is blessed with three priests as well, :smiley: but no deacons. :frowning:

Each has his own personality and differences. I enjoy each in his own way. One is more of a teacher, another more of a motivator and the other more of a preacher. One of them was a former Franciscan monk so he brings something quite interesting to the table.


I have been blessed with wonderful parish priests over the last 13 years (since I reverted). Each one, in their unique way has helped me grow roots and on my journey of faith. I am confident that God has and will continue to bless me with the parish priest that I need.


As below:-

Can. 521 §2. he is to be outstanding in sound doctrine and integrity of morals and endowed with zeal for souls and other virtues;


Our parish was founded by the most amazing priest. It wasn’t just we few we lucky few who believed so, it was almost a joke among the other priests that Fr J was like the priests in the old movies, Holy, orthodox, kind, gift of musical talents and the best homilist in the archdiocese. His homilies were online and many outside the parish would tap into and listen to them as well.

Then he was moved to a new parish where he has three times the responsibility and not the willing cadre of volunteers. I saw him at the recent Roe v Wade rally and while we’re the same age, I can see the pressure and responsibility has taken a toll. I told him we miss him so much and I can’t even think about him without tearing up.

That being said when they were trying to find us another priest, the Archdiocese sent the Msgr who is in charge of assignments to find out what we wanted. He said “Most priests are INTROVERTS. You were very lucky with Fr J.” I hadn’t thought about that as I converted and Fr J was the only priest I knew. He said men are attracted to the priesthood as a life of prayer and study and for some all of the necessary interaction is difficult

What I want in a priest:

A shepherd to lead us in living more holy lives
Love of Christ to shine from within him
Love of the people, a desire to interact with them…as Pope Francis said, the shepherd should smell of the sheep
Explain Catholic teaching during homilies…I’ve learned more from CAF than at Mass and I’m there every week, sometimes more than once a week! Rarely hear anything about why we believe what we believe
Thoughtful homilies that make me think too
Musical talent is a plus!


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