What kind of sin is it to violate your employment contract regarding alcohol?


I am a contractor working at a company. This means that there are two employer policies that would have to be considered. When I went to lunch, I had a beer. I checked online what my blood alcohol content would be to make sure I could drive back to work. I think it also occurred to me that employers may be prohibited from having any alcohol in their system while at work, but I don’t think that I gave it significant thought until I returned to work. I looked up the policy for my company and found that below 0.04 is allowed, and thus, I did not violate that policy. I don’t know what the other company’s policy is. Did I commit grave sin by choosing to do something that I knew might violate policies to which I have agreed?


Drinking on the job is never a good plan; I’d consider it worth confessing and resolving not to do again.


There’s no grave sin there. If you got drunk, or inebriated enough to risk your job, then maybe. The worst you really did was break a promise.


The only problem I would have is if other workers thought they smelt drink of your breath and reported you, it most probably would not go down well, as they might you were not able to do your job properly, I would leave the pint until after work. This would be my opinion, as jobs are hard to come by.


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