What language did Adam and Eve speak?



Whatever it was it certainly was not Latin.

They spoke God’s language.


A very good question! The oldest language I could find is Sumerian. This developed in the fertile crescent about 4,000 years ago. Obviously mankind has been around for a bit longer than that; however, this gives you an idea of what the earliest language could have been.

Chances are that Adam and Eve did not have a written language. Therefore, the language they used was probably long extinct by the time Sumerian came into existence.

I thought it was Klingon. Or maybe elvish. Who can tell? :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, though, this is one of those interesting unanswerable questions. I suppose we’ll have to wait until heaven to find out for sure.

In the Middle Ages some people thought that they, and everyone before the Tower of Babel, spoke Hebrew. I believe this was based at least in part on the observation that in the Old Testament pre-Babel people have Hebrew names. I’ve read that Dante Alighieri once held this position but later retracted it. The names of people in the Old Testament aren’t necessarily the names they really went by in life.

In reality there is probably no way of knowing what the original human language was like. Since all modern human languages are presumably descended from that original one perhaps someday experts will be able to reconstruct it, but I doubt it. Probably the necessary information has been annihilated and no advance in the study of languages is capable of recovering it.

There is a school of thought that the first four chapters of Genesis was written by Adam and translated by Moses, the first sentence of Genesis 5:1 being the conclusion of the first four chapters.

Something which developed into all the world’s languages as humanity branched out. All languages change – look at how English was spoken just a few hundred years ago. Whatever Adam and Eve spoke it would be unrecognizable now.

I believe their language must have been quite simple. Just two of them in the Garden - not much to discuss, only enough to communicate the basics!

I guess you haven’t been around a lot of women. :wink: :smiley:

Pax Christi!

Basic Rock.

God bless.

PIE (Proto-Indo-European)

Quenya or Sindarin? :nerd:

Then he owes us an explanation as to why there are two different creation stories on Genesis.

Pax Christi!

Basic Rock.

God bless.

The language of the Bible - King James English. :smiley:

I’m not aware of two different creation stories on Genesis.

This is AWESOME!!!

You know, I never realized I spoke God’s language until I moved out of Kentucky for the first time…everybody loved listening to me talk and would ask me to repeat different things just so they could giggle at my accent.

Binary—they used an Apple:D:D

For a more developed theology of this, see Lewis Grizzard’s talk about how God has a Southern Accent, because other accents just won’t do for the kinds of things God says. I find myself that certain prayers have to be more efficacious if said with a Southern Accent–if you don’t believe me, recite the St. Michael prayer like that and see the demons tremble.


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