What language did Jesus speak?


I’m sure it’s been asked here before, but I couldn’t find any relevant posts during my search of the website, so pardon me if I am being repetitious.

What does the Church teach (or if there is no official teaching, what do Catholic Theologians/Historians believe) was the spoken language of Christ? I have heard that was likely Aramaic, but I have heard others argue that it was Hebrew or Greek.

Also, I have run into the question about what Jesus’ true name is, stemming from arguments over Greek and Hebrew translation. There are some who insist Jesus’ name was actually Joshua. I would like to know the official Church or Catholic Theologian teaching on this issue. It seems silly to me, but I want to be able to offer an articulate explanation when asked.

Thank you all very much for your time, effort, and shared wisdom on this website. I’ve been so excited about finding it that I’ve spent the past several hours searching through it, to the point of tiring out my eyes. I am thankful for your presence here to provide straightforward answers to a wide spectrum of questions. Thank you for enabling me and many others (Catholic and non-Catholic alike) to learn more about the Church.

Dear WVC,

Jesus spoke Aramaic. The Roman soldiers spoke Latin and some Greek. Greek was the international language and Jesus may have spoken it to. The Apostles certainly did. See: ewtn.com/vlibrary/search2.asp

Jeshua or Joshua are Hebrew ways of pronouncing the name of Jesus. For more on this, see:
*]Jesus Christ - The Sacred Name[/LIST]Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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