What language will we speak in Heaven?

…I was just wondering if anyone had to guess what would it be, Aramaic? We wouldn’t use language at all? I know the Church doesn’t have a stance on this, I just think it’s an interesting thought.

We would likely use no language so far known to us. Reason is our language is shaped by its need to describe things happening/existing in a 3 space + 1 time dimensional universe. God does not exist inside such universe and in heaven one is near God, so our languages are likely insufficient for communication there.

It sure is an interesting question, of course we have no clear answer to that as we don’t know what it is like in heaven.
I think (is it a stupid thought?) that we won’t be using any “real” language because I think we will be communicating through our hearts. I think heaven is not really a place of words but a place of feeling. But I do understand why you pose this question, for me as well is it difficult to imagine we don’t really ‘‘speak’’ after our death. I think instead of talking and listening, we just ‘‘know’’ when we are in heaven.

Any other reflections?

Good points!
So when we ask the saints to pray for us, how is it communicated if we use language and they might not?

Maybe Klingon? buy’ ngop!

(What good news!) :stuck_out_tongue:


All of them.

Actually, I think carn is probably right, but let’s face it, we’re all just guessing here.

Er…will we speak?

We won’t speak in heaven, all communications will be by text message. :wink:

You will understand EVERYTHING.


If English was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me!

Yes, of course he is kidding :rolleyes:

They are human beings; they remember the use of language.

Although I am trying to learn Hebrew, I believe that most if not all communication in Life everlasting will be “mind to mind.”. We will have our voices, but will use them mostly for singing.


We will definitely have a voice, because we will have a breathing body (pneumatikon soma). However, we will not need to use speech for normal conversation as we do now. We will be able to fellowship mind to mind.


Personally, it seems to me that the soul, the spirit, are not constained by things as primitive as vernacular language. Jesus was able to read minds, His doing so suggests that language transcends the tongue. God speaks to us through the conscience, in the Old Testament He most often spoke through Angels, usually abstaining from direct revelation. I would think language, as we know it, would be anticipated by something better, as God prepares the way for all superior, intangible things with something we can know. But that’s my own uneducated opnion.


all of our answers are just guesses but If I had to guess I would say it will be like Pentecost, so we understand everything.

Would we need to talk… ?

There will always be need for fellowship and communication.


The language of pure, innocent love. The Holy Spirit will be encompassing and flowing through all there, therefore all will be connected and will be as this poster put it…like a “knowing” or “understanding” if you will. That is pretty much of what I’ve picked up from years of reading and my very limited understanding and poor communication skills of such higher heavenly subjects. We are very limited and to try to describe our understanding of heavenly things with are earthly language is futile. We should, as the OP has, contemplate things of heaven regularly though.


It will be a Texas drawl and if it good for Jesus then it is goof for y’all. :D:D:D

BTW How do you call a Texas drawl with an Italian accent? A speech impediment! :smiley:
BTW That is how I speak! :o

Well, Latin of course! :wink:

Actually, I can’t imagine having a system of communication which would require a particular language. Before the tower of babel we were all of one language. Probably some variation of Hebrew, but who knows. Anyway, I would assume that whatever interpersonal communication is necessary will be acommodated, and all will understand each other just fine.

Then, there’s the Pentecost in Acts. The Apostles were speaking in their own tongue, but all the attendees heard it in their own tongues, and understood fully, so there’s that too.

Anyway - fun question,



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