What liturgies do you like the most?


If their is a liturgy not on the poll, feel free to specify it.


Ah, the beautiful Tridentine Mass, especialy when it is a Solemn High Mass, is a wonderful experience. Of course, a properly celebrated Novus Ordo is not bad either.


I must agree. I like the sound of the Eastern Rites, but I love the Latin liturgies better.:slight_smile:
Especially the sound of the Gregorian Chant…


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Will have to be Latin Rite liturgy - specifically the Mass of Pius V - also known as the Mass of all Ages


Do you mean the Liturgy in Latin? Or the liturgies of the Latin Rite or Church? I prefer the Pauline Rite, offered in the vernacular, though the common, “sung” parts in Latin are lovely.


Me too. And I love the Anglican Use, as my second favorite.


Though I’ve never attended a traditional Latin Mass and hope to do so in the near future, my favorite liturgy is definitely “The Divine and Holy Liturgy of our Father among the Saints Gregory the Theologian”; or, more simply, the “Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts”, offered in various eastern Churches during Lent.

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I mean the Latin Rites in general.


I like the Melkite Rite liturgy, which uses the Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom. I also like the Greek Catholic liturgy, which also uses SJC’s liturgy.

The Tridentine Mass is magnificent,
and I like a reverent Novus Ordo as well.

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One thing about the Eastern Catholic Churches is that John Paul II encouraged us to rediscover the essence of the Latin Rites, by seeing and accepting the “light of the east.” The Eastern liturgies certainly have things that are unique to it, as the west, and the thing that makes a difference between the Catholic Church and any other Church in the world, is that in spite of the difference in liturgies, we can all be a part of the same Church, and share the same Eucharist, and still be several different liturgies.


I heard one of them, it sounds kind of like the one my priest does.


Any more voters?


Well, I went to my first ever Maronite liturgy recently - lovely chanting :slight_smile:

But the best thing was to go to my NO Mass yesterday (Exposition was begun immediately afterward) and hear the whole congregation, led by the choir, sing ‘tantum ergo’ note-perfect and Latin-perfect :thumbsup:


Anglican Use.

But I LOOOOVE the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Someday I want to get to a Maronite liturgy. It must be amazing to hear the words of the Consecration in the same language Jesus spoke.


Amen! Unity of faith amidst liturgical diversity is truly a testament to the Trinitarian mystery of “unity in diversity” and a sign of the catholicity of the Church. Similarly, the mutual rediscovery and reclamation of our respective liturgical heritages must be a Catholic process; an effort by all Churches in communion with Rome to live the timeless axiom, Lex orandi, lex credendi.

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Latin Rite. Novus Ordo in the vernacular. Well attended, well sung, male and female altar servers, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, hand holding during the Our Father. Seriously.


PS: I’d like to attend an Eastern Rite Divine Liturgy, though. I take it no one will look askance if we don’t know what to do right away.


Pax vobiscum!

I have never attended an Eastern Rite liturgy yet, but I have seen part of one on EWTN. My favorite is the Latin Rite, both Tridentine and Novus Ordo. For Tridentine (or Dominican, which I also love) it would be a High Mass. For Novus Ordo, it would also be a High Mass, or a hybrid Latin-English with Communion rail, no EMsHC, no hand holding during the Our Father (which Cardinal Arinze recently said, in Detroit, the GIRM does not permit).

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Full blown TLM would be heaven on earth :slight_smile: Havent attended an Eastern one before.


Pax tecum!

I was lucky enough to attend a TLM High Mass for the Solemnity of the Assumption this year celebrated by Bishop Basil Meeking (Cardinal George’s assisnant) and sung by a world-class Gregorian chant and polyphony choir.

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