what made you decide?


Hi, I’m looking into the RCC right now and I’m interested in hearing about what made you decide to become Catholic. I’m also interested in hearing from people who have looked into the RCC, but decided not to become Catholic.

How did you make your decision? What influenced you? Why did you start looking into it? What was the deciding factor?




I am in RCIA right now (I am a candidate that will be brought in May 20th). I chose Catholicism after spending time with JW, Methodists, baptists, and several other evangelical branches.

God’s been giving me hints of where I belong for a while, but I refused to listen. The other religions, with the exception of the JW (which, honestly, made me feel dirty every time I walked into a KH) made me feel good, but I realized I knew nothing about Jesus and God’s promises.

My mother was diagnosed with Cancer, and she turned to THE Church through a friend. I enrolled my children in the Catholic daycare, and have slowly been coming around. I believe that finding my home was my mother’s last gift to me.

I have never felt more alive, loved, and SURE about my decision.


I consider myself to be among the chosen rather than a chooser. It all boils down to authority and who Jesus Christ really gave it to. Once you open yourself to the truth about that, everything else pretty much falls into place.

This is most prevalent in the Holy Eucharist. Once God infuses the truth about the Holy Eucharist into someone’s heart and they realize it truly is Jesus Christ Himself upon the altar of Almighty God, there is really nowhere else to go.


AMEN! Can’t live without Him!!!


Hi Karen. Welcome!

I can’t speak about what made me choose Catholicism because I have always been Catholic, but I can suggest a book you might find interesting. It is called “Rome Sweet Home” by Scott Hahn. He was formerly a Presbyterian and studied the Scriptures, as he contemplated them, he could only reconcile them with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

If you have any questions about what Catholics believe, feel free to post a question on the forums. There are plenty of people who will gladly explain things to you. :thumbsup:


All of God’s charactaristics can be seen within the RCC. His mercy (confession), His justice (purgatory), His humilty and desire to be with us (the Eucharist) His Glory (the Blessed Mother and the Saints), and on and on it goes.


You must pray “Holy Spirit, lead me and guide me in Truth”… He will show you the way, Karen. Faithful Catholics helped make me stronger in my Catholic faith, and I was baptized in the faith as an infant! I am a Catholic who did not always practice all of my faith very well, and did not understand all of the Catholic teachings very well. But when I began praying, “Lord, teach me, show me Your ways. Use me to do Your will,” and I came to sit before the Lord in Eucharistic Adoration, He has revealed Truth to my heart (and I have come to accept it as Truth) and I keep saying like a child… “More… more… again… again!” The Holy Spirit works in us personally and through the words of other people to lead us to Truth…and I can’t seem to get enough of the Truth and I am filled with great joy! I came to learn/understand the teachings of the Catholic Church (still am)more fully, from watching EWTN programming, reading Catholic books, and being open to when Holy Spirit is trying to speak to/teach me through others sharing their faith. I’ve learned a lot of great websites too! Here’s one for starters!
It is through Jesus that we come to the Father, so I am proud to be Catholic, receive Him in Body and Blood and receive the graces to live my life for Him through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. May the Holy Spirit guide you to Truth!


What influenced you?

I was challenged by an (Antiochian) Orthodox Deacon (at the time) to research historical Christianity and see if the beliefs of the ecclesial community I was involved in were present in the earliest Church teachings. I took up his challenges and soon left that particular ecclesial community.

Why did you start looking into it?

I started and continued to look at it because I was completely fascinated and astonished by what I found in the writings of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd century Christians writers.

How did you make your decision?


What was the deciding factor?

The single issue for me was unity of doctrine as seen in the authority of the Papal See (much to the dismay of my Orthodox Deacon Friend who was sure I was becoming Orthodox). Is the Catholic Church what She claims to be, or is She not? My studies have proven to me without a doubt that She is. So there was no other choice for me to make.



Where else can I go Lord, for you have the message of eternal life.

Bless You,



I studied a lot, attended Mass as well as my own church every Sunday and asked LOTS of questions.

Why did you start looking into it?

I was engaged to marry a Catholic and he wanted to be married in the Catholic Church.

What was the deciding factor?

I finally remained Protestant because of differences in definitions of Justification/Sanctification. Though they seem not that different on the surface, they affect everything else too.



anytime. :slight_smile:


You might want to take the time and watch a few of the episodes on EWTN, The Journey Home. Wonderful show.


How did you make your decision?

Was raised Baptist. Began dating a good friend of mine, who is Catholic. We started having heated discussions on the topic and over time I was so frustrated! I would present my side and he would easily shoot it down with his theology. I learned that all my thoughts on Catholicism were wrong. He had answers for everything, and they all made sense! Mine did not, and I was scared! How could Catholicism actually be true?

What influenced you?

The immense faith of my boyfriend and his family. Mass. And the proof that only Catholicism has to support its beliefs, that my faith did not have at all.

Why did you start looking into it?

First, to try to find fault so I could lead my boyfriend from his error. I became obsessed with learning everything I could about Catholicism so I could somehow refute it. Eventually, I had to give up and admit the truth I had found. The True Church. After that I began living as a Catholic.

What was the deciding factor?

Mainly, finding how the doctrine I had been raised with was obviously not biblical. My Baptist upbringing had told me Catholics did not know the Bible, but I in fact learned the opposite to be true! Also, the power of Mass itself. Once I learned what everything in the Mass meant, it was so powerful! I realized I had never really felt God before in church until then! Especially during distribution of the Eucharist, I still cry then at almost every Mass. The power of God surrounds me and I feel such agony and shame for my sins. I can only imagine the joy I will feel once I am confirmed!

Much luck and God’s will be done in your research and journey!


I agree on reading that book. It helped clarify a lot of things for me on Church teaching(especially contraception that is mentioned in the book) Its a great read.


We were Episcopalian and when the Episcopal Church consecrated an openly gay bishop, that was the final straw for us. We discussed various options but we both knew that the Catholic Church was the only viable option, since we love the liturgy and Mass and can’t live without it.
One issue was authority. The Catholic Church is the only church with a credible case for authority. That issue and the fact that Protestantism has over 20,000 sects, so which one would be right?
In the end, we decided we couldn’t live without the Eucharist being the central part of our lives. There is no Protestant church that really believes in this, yet it was so important in the sacred scriptures and also in the history of the Early Church.
We were received into the Catholic Church a year ago and couldn’t be happier. We are finally HOME! :smiley:


I loved the Church’s uncompromising stand on issues such as abortion, marriage, homosexuality (love the sinner, hate the sin), artificial birth control (at one time every Christian religion believed it was evil - all but the Catholic Church changed with the “times.”)

I love that mass is never about us being entertained. It’s not about the “worship singers” - it’s not about the awesome sermon - it’s ONLY about Jesus and His sacrifice for us on the cross.

When I was a Protestant Christian it was like I held a little jewel in my hand. When I became Catholic, it’s like I now have an enormous treasure chest spilling over.

I don’t have the words to express how much I LOVE the Catholic Church.


I decided not to become Catholic several times, before I finally decided to become Catholic.

Some of the reasons for deciding not to become Catholic included:

Couldn’t agree with the teachings on Mary, Purgatory, the priesthood, etc.

Terrified of going to First Confession.

Worried about the opinions of family and friends, especially with regard to the status of my inheritance.

How did you make your decision?

Very slowly. It took me 17 years.

What influenced you?

Every important thing I learned, I learned from watching the children. I also learned a great many very interesting things from the adults. I had a great time in RCIA. :thumbsup:

My advice? Always approach the Church with your mouth closed, and your eyes and ears open.

Why did you start looking into it?

God brought me to a Mass, and I was completely blown away. I needed to find out what this wonderful thing, “the Catholic Church” was.

What was the deciding factor?

I figured out that the Catholic Church was the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic organization that Christ Himself founded, as we find it recorded in Matthew 16:18.

Once I got that, everything else fell into place.


Have you read The Salvation Controversy by James Akin of Catholic Answers? It is the explanation of the meaning of Justification/Sanctification/Salvation from both a Catholic and Protestant point of view. Very helpful too is Akin’s knowledge of the differeces in vocabulary – we use the same words but mean different concepts, He was an Evangelical prior to his conversion. and presents both arguments fairly and clearly. The guy is brilliant.


The Bible told me so.

As an evangelical Protestant (over 40 years), I knew the Bible backwards and forwards.

When I started learning about Catholicism, everything fell into place. I realized that the Catholic Church was in complete agreement with the Bible. Nothing had to be forced, nothing was explained away.

The Gospel ofJohn finally made sense. The Old Testament made sense. Even those boring expositions about the tabernacle and sacrifices and blood and priests and outfits for the priests–it finally made sense! The Queen mother thing made sense (in Kings). The Psalms made sense! The Major and Minor prophets made sense. Even the REVELATION made sense!

In fact, at one point, understanding all came flooding in, and I was overwhelmed by how much everything fit so perfectly, like a gigantic Rubic’s cube snapping into place. I actually begged the Holy Spirit to please, stop revealing so much all at once because my little mind wasn’t big enough to take it all in so fast!

There was a specific moment in my studies of Catholicism when I heard God saying, “This is it. You understand it all. Trust and obey me. If you do not, then you are deliberately walking away from Me, and you will not be in heaven after you die because of your rejection of Me.”

I recognized this as God’s voice. I had asked Jesus into my heart when I was seven and KNEW God’s voice. This was the same voice that I had listened to and obeyed all my life. Once again, I chose to obey God and join the Catholic Church. I’m so glad I trusted God. It’s great to be Catholic!

I think that the biggest issue for many Protestants is the issue of authority. Protestants are taught that their authority is the Bible, and that the Holy Spirit will guide them into all truth. They get used to be “in charge”–oh, with God, of course, in the driver’s seat, but they themselves are the co-pilot. It’s really hard to give this up and submit to another authority.

In my case, thought, this wasn’t difficult. I knew from the Bible that we are not in charge, that God established a Church, not a billion trillion individuals. I had been looking for that “Church” all my life, as do all Protestants. And I found it in the Catholic Church.


Wonderful story Cat:)

Isn’t it amazing what was in the Bible all along? Once I started reading the scriptures with Catholic eyes it was like the scales fell off and all fell in to place:getholy:



Two words:

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