What makes a truely bad movie or video game?

I was wondering what makes a truly bad video game or movie. It occurred to me that a simple piece of shovelware or no budget film isn’t really considered bad, it’s just subpar. I think a truly bad game/movie is made when the hype (but especially the budget) don’t come close to matching the quality of the product. Think of Water world or ET (the game).

Any thoughts?

As an odd hybrid of the two, I was hyped for the Super Mario Brother’s movie, but look what that was :smiley:

I can see how the quality of the product is tied to the expectations. But shovelware is still intrinsically evil, even though no one expects anything of it [don’t interpret that as flawless moral teaching :p]. I think the mismatch between expectations and quality simply mean that more people will be out there to speak against it.

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