What Makes It Possible for Some Clergy to Live Gay Lifestyle?


Our bible very clear about the immorality of Homosexual act.

Our baptism promise very clear:
" Do you reject Satan and its lies? I do"

I would like to explore what goes wrong that this can happen? And what can stop it from happening.

I was trying to reason that on the other post using the bible passage Mark5:18-19. I thought most probably there are evil spiriits. those evil spirits keep coming back to them despite they offer Mass everyday.


While I don’t deny the influence of Satan and the demons I think the harsh reality is that it is within our fallen nature to make excuses and justify to ourselves and others why we can live in sin.

Ask yourself this why do some husbands and wives justify adultery?

Why do some people shoplift and embezzle money?

Some of the people that do these things are seemingly the most normal, successful, and admirable people.

As far as I can tell the worst of it comes from a generation of men that resented the Church and all that She taught.

These men rose in the ranks with the desire to change the Church into their own disfigured image.

Now God is purifying the Church with the fire of his Holy Spirit.


Yes, I was told once before we do anything wrong, we justify it in our mind first. IMO, a lot of the SSA we hear so much about, is coming from porn. We way underestimate the damage porn is doing especially to our youth. I don’t know what should be done but every dad needs to be very proactive with their preteenager sons on the subject. Once a child gets exposed in is slippery slop to greater sins and it effects their brain.


With any decisions we make we can make errors by our desires to individuality, this may be considered as rebellion and rather than leading to compatibility with God it leads away from Him.

Perhaps we should ask with care and honesty “will this lead to oneness with God?”


The same reason for a lot of dissent for everyone involved: the mantra that came from the pulpit over the past 50 years became “use your conscience” – without actually explaining what that REALLY means when formed and used correctly.

Who cared what the church actually taught – we were told to “use our conscience” and decide for ourselves. The false “conscience” became the loophole to dissent from all of the most uncomfortable and difficult teachings of the magisterium.

Oh and don’t talk about stuff like sin and hell.

Basically we have been completely conditioned so we are unable to stomach anything except what we want to hear and we try to justify doing whatever we want.


Is it possible some clergy are gay, and decide the Church’s teaching on this is wrong, but that it is mostly right and of value to people? If so is it not logical that they would continue as clergy and put into practice their love for other men?


When we were in RCIA, we were told by the priests that some men know that their homosexual urges could lead to sin, and they mistakenly think that if they become priests, their urges will go away and they would be “healed” after their ordination.

Obviously, this is not correct.


I think the very nature of priestly daily (and nightly) life makes a “gay lifestyle” possible. They work, play, and live with each other, and if two or three priests who have homosexual urges end up living together, there is no one to stop them once they begin playing around with those urges.

And since very few heterosexuals visit the boys’ towns and gay bars/nightclubs, it’s easy for priests to take little side trips and meet up with others.

The more a sin is practiced, the more normal and “good” it seems. Add to this the current state of entertainment media, where every program, movie, and song presents homosexuality as normal and God-given, and our very laws make gay “marriage” legal and acceptable–it’s really hard for someone with same-sex-attraction to face the facts and call homosexual acts “sin.”

I think that priests should have live-in house parents, or at least a house mother to take care of them.

I also think there should be absolutely no sharing of bedrooms, let alone beds (which was more common 50-75 years ago–a lot of siblings, even opposite-sex siblings, shared beds, and same-sex friends often shared beds when they had overnights, went to summer camp, etc.)

Sadly, these ideas would add to the cost of payment for our priests. But if it helps safeguard them and us, it would be worth it.

I also believe that any man with ongoing same-sex-attraction struggles should no longer be admitted to seminary to study for the priesthood. In the past, public opinion and the law were enough to keep many men pure in their actions. But now, with so much encouragement to act on their attraction, I think that a homosexual will have a very difficult time just saying no. we’re just setting the man up for a scandal by allowing them to become priests.

And I think that seminary students should be encouraged to spend lots of time with their families (mom, dad, sibs, extended family). I think that married (male-female) house parents, mature Catholic adults, should be present in every seminary dorm.


Priests in general fall for sexual sins…including the ‘straight’ lifestyle. If they have ssa, they’ll commit homosexual sin. If they’re straight, they’ll commit heterosexual sin.

It’s the same explanation as how we (lay people) sin like this despite our baptism. Being a priest doesn’t make them more immune to sin


You ain’t seen nothing yet!


“Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you : but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

Is there any one of us who have never done any of the above? Let them judge homosexuals if they have not but until then lets condemn all sin and not just pick on one (yet again):roll_eyes:


Exactly. …and what really is the “gay lifestyle”? It seems many of you think gay men have an insatiable need for uncontrolled sex. How many gay men do you really know?

Greek translation of “effeminate men”

You’ll notice that effeminate is one option of the translation. The other thing is that context is everything. These passages were written in a time when richer men often had young male servants/slaves kept for sexual purposes. This is clearly an abusive situation (rape basically) and may even be classified as pedophilia or statutory rape today. Did you also notice that the Bible says virtually nothing about lesbians? I know the Church has extrapolated this to mean SSA for both sexes; but this is what the Bible says. It’s clear to me the thing the writers of the Bible are talking about is men acting “manly”. If a male was subject to the penetration of another male, he is doing something “womanly”. They are not concerned with the reverse and I think this is clear support.


Even though priests spend years in formation, and have spent several years living as a Catholic before entering seminary most cases, they’re still human like the rest of us. They all give into sin at some time or another, and some of them give into very grave sins. Being ordained doesn’t make them or keep them immaculate.


Sadly true that we rarely hear “use your (properly formed) conscience” anymore. So too often people think they can do whatever they can justify in their mind to do.


This is all so disgusting! Is there anyone left in the priesthood who is above reproach. If not let us just pray to our lord and forget help from sinners!


You should forget the idea that homosexuality is caused by porn. It’s easy to find porn on the Internet now, but most people didn’t start using the Internet until the early to mid 1990s. That’s only about 25 years ago. Before that, it was a lot more difficult for most people to find gay porn, especially if they didn’t live in a big city, and yet people still turned out gay before the 1990s without seeing any porn or even knowing any other gay people.


The word Homosexual did not appear in the Bible until 1945!!!


I have not done any of that, and I hope the young ones know that there are many who are like me.

Many of the tricks the devil use is to make us think “everyone is doing it. So its ok”. This is not true. The people who dont do those are the silent majority.


The recent development has blown my eyes ears & the whole of my brain :tired_face:


Yes it does. Roman 1::26

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