What Makes It Possible for Some Clergy to Live Gay Lifestyle?


For sure. But in my experience there are a lot more youth dealing with SSA than ever before. I have youth tell me they got into porn at 9 years of age. Curiosity leads them to gay sites and the brain gets confused about their identity.


Praying for good holy devout families as good holy devout examples to all of our youth today.


That is a bit strong, lets not forget people do not choose to be homosexual, they have a choice to practice it though.


The word “homosexual” didn’t appear in the English language at all until the middle of the 19th Century, so that isn’t surprising at all. Deciding to use this neologism as the best choice for the idea being expressed in the Greek or Hebrew original text would take some time for a translator- especially as other English words were used for hundreds of years in English language translations.


I doubt that there are more youth dealing with SSA now. It’s more likely that they are just coming out sooner than what they used to because it’s more acceptable to be gay now. In the past, kids who first became aware of being attracted to others of the same sex when they were 11 or 12 would keep it a secret and struggle with it on their own for several years before coming out because there was a lot more stigma attached to being gay back then.

In my case, I kept it a secret for about 6 years and didn’t come out until I was about 20. This was back in the early 1980s and even then, this is not something I would have felt safe talking about to hardly anyone, including any of the counselors at school.

And if curiosity leads a kid to gay sites, it’s probably because he already has an inclination in that direction. And every young person is probably somewhat confused about some part of their identity.


Well you have a theory and I have mine. I hope you agree that porn is bad.


i think ssa is essentially a persons attention to oneself. Everyone has that in us: when we look at other same gender we compare (not necessarily in logic mind, neither we necessarily aware that we are comparing). My point is all human have inherent in us some interest to whats related to our own self, example we have a need to look at ourselves in the mirror, admiring our own makeup or clothes, or comparing it with others. But in ssa people, this aspect is mixed with other complex personality and the resultant of false identification of their own sexual feelings that they get from bad sources: watching porn, for example, or simply accepting the idea for whatever motif & reasoning, and then following the false idea of sex as ones learning path, similar to ‘self-fulfilled prophecy’ kind of learning path.

And when I say porn, not necessarily gay porn. The trigger can be a heterosexual porn. Then the young person find himself/ herself looking at his/her own gender actor more than the opposite gender actor in the porn, and then he/ she conclude ’ i hv ssa, i must be a gay’

This is the way the devil mislead people: porn is essentially selfish, that’s why ssa


But some theories are better than others. Years ago, it was often estimated that up to 10% of the population was gay based on Kinsey’s studies in the late 1940s and early 1950s. But in a recent survey from 2016, 4.1% identified as LGBT which is quite a bit lower. I don’t see some huge surge in the number of people with SSA.

And being gay myself and knowing a lot of other gay people, I don’t think that people become this way because they got “confused” when they were young.


And being gay myself and knowing a lot of other gay people, I don’t think that people become this way because they got “confused” when they were young.

This is def true for me. Growing up in Catholic school, I fled from porn and thought any thought of sex was awful (not blaming my Catholic education, rather just how my personality worked.) Anyway, I knew I was gay (even before I knew how to use that word), even before I had actual sexual experiences.


“What makes it possible for some clergy to live gay lifestyle”

I don’t think that there was so much attention given to selection or weeding out homosexual men from the priesthood in past years. I’m 69 and I’ve heard of homosexuality among priests all my life.

50 years ago, my psych 450 psychopathology textbook said ALREADY that homosexuality was common but chiefly opposed by Judeo-Christian traditions. This was before the APA said it was normal.

So, it seems like the lack of proper selection of seminary candidates along with the “sexual revolution” (which means tossing out morality) of the 1960’s fed into the solitary lifestyle of many priests to stress them to act out on their desires. I think clericalism is a factor, where the priests were abusing their power and the respect that people showed them, to put them above suspicion despite their actual conduct. Yes, rationalization is a large factor, too.

The remedies being proposed are to correct these very things: 1) psychological testing of seminary candidates, 2) not giving them the benefit of the doubt, 3) challenging the clericalism (the Vatican says that the laity are supposed to solve this problem – but how?) I’ve sent email to my former pastor and my current one to state directly that homosexual priests should resign. So, I have stated my expectations – to keep pressure on. 4) well, somehow, we have to get priests and all Catholics to embrace the teachings of the Bible (as the inspired word of God).


That’s true for me, too. And I didn’t come out until I was 21 and didn’t know any other gay people before then. And I didn’t look at porn. There wasn’t much to look at where I lived anyway, except for the magazine Playgirl. If I had been caught taking a peek by some straight shop owner, I would have been mortified.


Well, I can’t say I agree with your perspective 100% The priests in my parish are so busy that I don’t think they have a lot of time to get into too much trouble. I su[[pose one could make time, but they are too well known here. What I would like to know is how those two priests from Michigan had time to get to Florida, get into serious trouble and get arrested. I guess I don’t need to know.


Probably on vacation.


I agree that satan is playing a part in this current crisis. Our Lady said the final battle will be the attack on the family.


Priests have a lot to do, but are not that closely supervised- gives them plenty of opportunity to get into trouble if they are inclined to.

This is nothing new, 25 years ago I was a hack in Pittsburgh and we had at least one steady rider to gay clubs who was a priest. Leaving discretely in the evening, coming back under the cover of darkness, who would be the wiser?


What some of the bishops and the Holy Father said about this problem being that of clericalism was half right. We are dealing with clericalism right now. However, they fail to say it is homo-clericalism.

There was a gay seminarian pipelines from South America to the dioceses in Newark, Hartford, and Chicago since the 90’s (possibly before).

It is clerics abusing their role for the sake of their own pleasure.


Do you have a resource for that information? I have heard rumors of that but never seen anything that actually confirms that. I do know that the priests recently arrested in Florida were connected with a program in Chicago for Hispanic priests that was disbanded or whatever it’s called due to priests visiting gay bars and such. Those priests were from Colombia and other Latin American countries. Is it connected with that program? I am originally from South America and would really like to know.


If God said homosexuals were ok, why did he de ounc e it in the bible. This lifestyle is a choice. If someone is adverse to a nomal lifestyle then stay away what is abhorrent to our precious Lord and Savior!


There was a time when people of sinful nature who had an honest desire to see and serve God, would join a convent or a monastery, and “live a life of prayer and penance.” That phrase has been around for a long time.

Clearly there were some though who entered the church with a different agenda than that. They had no intention to serve God. A shame for the others who did “live a life of prayer and penance.”


I never said it was ok, He gave us free will to go against Him and practice it, if the homosexuals are non-believers there is nothing to stop them living that lifestyle.

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