What Makes It Possible for Some Clergy to Live Gay Lifestyle?


Or they entered seeking refuge from their disordered inclinations and fell miserabling and seemingly hopelessly to sin.

How often do we start out with good intentions and fail miserably at it?


THAT IS THE “PROBLEM IN A NUTSHELL!” Those who went in USING the Priesthood for the easy access to young people or even young men (seminarians) is truly sick and the work of satan. They had their perversions before they entered the Priesthood. Who would have ever thought that possible but obviously we are only beginning to see the “tip of the iceberg”. When all this was at the height of its SICKNESS going on people didn’t speak about these kinds of perversions. It was kept quiet and it was hidden as much as possible even if it was family members doing the horrible acts. It’s difficult to hear the details and the innocent people being hurt but it has to come out in the open and be dealt with or it will not change anything. Laity and clergy alike must 100% condemn this and let it be known that this will NOT be tolerated any more in the Catholic Church no matter how high up in authority the abuser is & no matter what the age of those being abused is.


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