What makes you confident the Catholic Church is THE Church?


I hope, as I’m sure every Catholic does, that the Catholic Church is truly the Church Jesus instituted.

Sometimes I struggle with the faith, on what we as Catholics believe. . . . so it makes me wonder about my belief in the Church: papal infallibility…etc…

What makes you confident that the Catholic Church is the Church of Jesus Christ, the one he instituded, the one he said the Holy Spirit would be with?

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I’m a convert from Protestantism. And I was in my 30’s when I entered the Church. How do I know this is the one church? Because it looks at the bible as a whole, and not just pieces. Too many protestants use only parts of the bible that support their own views. And what they can use to condemn others.

  1. Her testimony (written in blood and tears, bearing witness to historical miracles throughout the centuries)
  2. Her accomplishments (Christendom, the sciences, education, agriculture, music, art, charity, globalized unity in diversity, etc.)
  3. Her perseverance (through the most severe of internal and external conflicts)
  4. Her practical benefits (the psychological / social value and brilliance of her community and sacraments)
  5. Her moral superiority (the moral laws of the Church center around the most perfect and most happy society possible; her laws are more beneficial and brilliant than those of any competitors, least of all atheism, which provides no moral framework - or motivation for one - whatsoever.)

As for #1: I would add that I am a member of the Blue Army for good reason; Our Lady of Fatima obtained a very great and convincing miracle for world.
As for #2: For goodness sake, read Tom Woods’ How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization.
As for #3: For goodness sake, read a good Church history text!



Reading the ECF’s. Anytime I have a doubt about something I go look it up in the writings of Ignatius, Clement, Ireanaeus (can never spell his name right), or Augustine, Chrysostom,Justin Martyr and I always find our doctrines in theirs.


How do I know that the Catholic Church is the true Church?

  1. Scripture!
  2. The writings of the early Church Fathers.
  3. Finally history, (both secular and religious) I’m a big history buff.


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