What makes your religion meaningful to you?

What exactly makes your religion particularly meaningful to you?

What makes your faith community meaningful to you?

My relationship with Christ nurtured, guided and protected by the Holy Catholic Church and the Holy Spirit.

I know in my heart 100% that God exists, that Jesus is his son and the CC is his Church.

Knowing that I can go anywhere in the world and walk into a Catholic Church and experience the same Mass that I experience in my outback Australia parish. With it’s own local flavour of course.

That I am a part of a Catholic family of 1billion brothers and sisters. More if you count my separated brethren.

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For me it is the celebration & participation in the Holy Sacrefice of the Mass. To be able to experience the changing of ordinary bread & wine into the Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. To be able to receive the Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ every day of the week. That I am able to share this experience with my faith community is what makes a Parish a faith community. Teaching RCIA & CCD in my Parish gives me the opportunity to teach & share my faith with others.

The Eucharist.


it is GOD. I wonder how I will be without serving God.

If I thought my and the world’s problems had to be solved only by humans I can’t even imagine the fear and desolation I would feel. I can’t undertand how anyone could live without the knowledge that a Creator and superior being is there to aid us and there is a better life/world beyond this one.
I love being IN the Church, immersed in its guidance and comfort and rituals, the wonderfully rich collection of angels and saints. But it’s those instances when I can truly feel God’s presence, the moments that overwhelm and amaze me even in the midst of darkness, the moments I am totally convinced the Lord is, in fact, very real and all-encompassing, and all loving that makes my faith meaningful. I am sad for those who do not have this.

What makes my religion meaningful to me is the way it transforms my life.

It helps me understand my place in the world, and my place in the human race all through history.

I understand I am not responsible for everything.

I like the rituals and practices, reminds me I am a part of something larger than myself. I like the worship.

My religion is Christianity, its meaningful to me because Christ became man and died for yours and my sins, therefore we can live with him eternally.

My faith community is the Lutheran (WELS) community. Its meaningful to me because Jesus comes to me through word and sacrament, the law/gospel distinction is preached.

  1. The truth of it makes it meaningful.

  2. I don’t have a meaningful relationship with the muslim community. Part of that is due to my own choice, part of it is due to differences in beliefs.

Its unconditional love for humanity, for unity and The Truth with unwavering doctrines focused for attaining Heavenly bliss with God.


To me Christianity (Catholicism) is meaningful because Christ died to save everybody. That form of selflessness is a challenge that everybody should take.

In general religion is meaningful because it challenges us to better ourselves for a greater cause than our own.

When I consider the suffering and death of Jesus the Christ on the cross, knowing that it was my sins He died bearing, and not His own (since He had none), and then rose up again, I am continually overwhelmed by that reality.
Consider, unlike any earthly religion I am aware of, in the true faith one does not die for God. Oh, no. The miraculous truth of Christianity is that God the Son died for us, to prevent us from dying.

As a Lutheran, the message of the Gospel comes through clearly, through word and sacrament, adorned with wonderful music and beautiful liturgy.


  1. It does rather get your attention when the omnipotent God of all creation decides to be born into humanity via a penniless virgin, grows up humble for decades, begins his preaching career and work widely acclaimed miracles to demonstrate his power, submits to being murdered for his troubles, rises from the dead STILL proclaiming his love of mankind and offering salvation and redemption for us.

  2. The revelations given by God about the human condition, our problems and the need for Salvation conform perfectly to every human culture ever found on earth in a way no other religious system can claim. Catholicism is both intellectually comprehensible by a child and nuanced and deep enough for geniuses to spend a lifetime and never unlock all it’s mysteries.

  3. Having rather impressively demonstrated His credentials, Jesus went about establishing a church to safeguard and promulgate the revelations He had made and to be a reliable well of Grace accessible for all peoples and all cultures. Makes perfect sense to me to accept such incredible gifts!

1)The Eurcharist and it’s not afraid of ethical science as a way of understanding God and doesnt close Her eyes to truth, any truth, that reveals God to us

  1. Just a great bunch of caring people. :slight_smile:

I look forward to finding that because the sense of being love and belonging is important. I am also a visual person; I love the beauty of worship and the amazing/creative ways the a church can be decorated for a particular season/holy day.

-The Eucharist-source and summit of our faith.
-The Rosary-the Bible of the poor in spirit.
-The Sacraments of Confession and Communion-in that order. Confession as often as once a month. It is the inexhaustible source of renewable grace.
-The unmeasurable help and intercession of the Church Triumphant: the Angels; the Saints; the Martyrs.

the list goes on and on and on.

The promise of a better afterlife.

I search for a non judgmental community where there is love, inclusiveness, where all are welcome to receive as they are, and as the song goes, where folks live to feed the hungry and stand beside the broken.

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, may very well go down in (modern) history as the most mis-qouted pope.

The media; secular organizations and people in general have taken his words and used (or mis-used) them to justify the entrenched sins of lust, adultery and fornication. All of these under the aegis of “lifestyle”.

Without the grace that comes from the Sacraments-there is no repentance. Without repentance there is no forgiveness. Without forgiveness there is no heaven.

There is no neutral ground when it comes to the moral, ethical and religious battle we fight each day and at each moment of the day. We must have a life of prayer and a life of the spirit, nurtured by the Sacraments of Confession and Communion.

There is no other way…to say that Jesus is the Way and the Truth and the Life-is to have that life of prayer and of the spirit nurtured by the Sacraments of Confession and Communion.

A good Confession is more effective than any exorcism and it prepares us to properly recieve Communion.

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