What mass is celebrated when the body is donated to science?

I want to put in writing for my family what should happen with my body when I die. I want to donate any organ or tissue that can be used. Then I want my remains sent to a medical school. What should I ask my family to do in terms of a Catholic Mass in this case?

The Diocese of Davenport presents guidelines for such a situation:


The funeral rites in the OCF presume the presence of the body (or cremated remains). In the absence of the body/remains, the Funeral Liturgy is celebrated as prescribed, with the following modifications:[LIST]

*]The reception of the body is not celebrated.
]The Rite of Final Commendation is not celebrated.
]Prayers that make reference to honoring or burying the body of the deceased are not used.[/list]
Donation of the Body to Science

In Iowa, it is possible to request to celebrate funeral rites prior to the body being donated. In such cases, the Vigil and Funeral Liturgy (without Commendation) is celebrated and then the body released. When the body is returned, then the Rite of Committal with Final Commendation is celebrated. However, if the body is not available, the funeral rites may be celebrated in the absence of the body as above. Provisions
should be made to ensure that the remains are returned to the family after the scientific study is concluded so that they may be properly buried. The Rite of Committal (with Final Commendation, if not celebrated earlier) is celebrated at that time.

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