What miracles have you received through the praying of a Novena

What are your Novena miracle stories and experiences ? And who was the novena addressed too ?

I have received many miraculous results through novenas. The novenas were to Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii (the 54 day Rosary Novena), to St. Therese, to St. Philomena, for and **to **the Holy Souls in Purgatory, to the Infant Jesus of Prague, to St. Rita etc. You name it and I have probably made a novena to that saint for something or other and had good results.

Since I was a child, I watched my mother pray to the Infant Jesus of Prague and get financial help, etc. I used to think that she had a secret that I didn’t. Somehow I caught on that the miraculous results are available to everyone, but it helps a lot to be in the state of Grace.

Because of my mother’s influence and also because as I grew up, I used to read the favours received section of a magazine published here in Australia, detailing the favours that St. Gerard Majella often granted to infertile women, (helping them to have the babies that they so desperately longed for) I developed confidence when praying for help for myself and for others and confidence (faith) is the key to obtaining favours.

A priest friend told me to “write a book” but left the details of what the book should be to me. When I finally came to the conclusion that he was serious, I wrote a book about answers to prayer, which has been in two print editions, but also online as well. There are more stories online than in the second print edition.

Here is one of my own answers to prayer (which is in the book). It is a little involved but if you read it slowly, I think that you will gain from it.

**The mailing list error **
I used to maintain a newsletter mailing list. On one occasion a nun telephoned to inform me that Sister Philomena had died and asked me to remove Sister Philomena’s name and address from the mailing list. There were two Sister Philomenas on the mailing list. I deleted the address for the wrong one from the computer file, and to make matters worse, I used white typewriter correction fluid to remove the same entry from the printed copy of the mailing list. Later on I became aware of my mistake and realised that I could not get the address back, because it had been totally removed from all records both printed and electronic. I prayed to Saint Philomena for a solution to this seemingly impossible situation, and then an idea came to me. I took the page that had the typewriter correction fluid over the printed entry, turned it to the blank side of the paper and then held it up to a strong light, so that the light would shine through that section of the paper. This enabled me to see the address, however the letters were all reversed. I carefully copied down the reversed letters and then wrote each one of them down in the correct order and succeeded in getting the address back. In a television program that I saw recently, it was mentioned that forensics experts did something very similar to this. They shone a laser light through the back of a diary page, where an entry had been covered up with typewriter correction fluid and retrieved the entry. Judging from this, Saint Philomena obviously knows forensic investigation techniques!

Read my book: Help from Heaven (Answers to Prayer) at:

Part one


Part two


I highly recommend praying for the relief of the Holy Souls in Purgatory and asking for their powerful intercession in your needs. The book has testimonies of such cases, but I have also set up a special webpage for the Holy Souls in Purgatory which goes into more detail.

It is at:


I hope and pray that many people will pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and spread their devotion to others. Seeking their intercession has been highly recommended by saints such as St. Teresa of Avila.

I always have a devotion to our Mother of Perpetual Help since I was young. Our Blessed Mother is always to guide me and through Her prayers and intercession, I survived so many trials in my life like the death of my husband and my father within a period of 6 months and to find out out that I needed a liver transplant and that my daughter was into drugs all in a period of less than a year and on top of that, I found out she had a child which the goverment took away from from her because of her drug abuse and was just about to be adopted.

Our Blessed Mother was always there helping me to keep going and never lose faith. Now, I had my transplant for the past twelve years, got my granddaughter who is now 12 years old and living with me. My daughter decided to quit drugs, went back to school and now having a wonderful life. My granddaughter and I are both members of the Legion of Mary and she is also an altar server

All through my trials, I never forget to offer everything to God through our Blessed Mother and my prayers were answered. This may not be a miracle in the true sense of the wordfor others but for me it is. God has been very good to us and showed us how much He loves us and I thank the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

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