What movie did you finish watching?

Agreed. “Dolphin Tale” is a great movie - 3D in some theaters - that is still showing. I don’t know why it was PG, should have been rated G like “Mighty Macs” (another pro-family movie.)

I just saw Cars 2 and Fast 5 yesterday.

Cars 2 was enjoyable as a children’s movie - I can’t really say whether or not it was better than the first. All I can say is that it has a lot more guns, bullets and explosions than were in the first one - plus it had an evil VW with a monocle.

Fast 5 was really cool, though it had some language and a few inappropriate scenes. Even more guns, bullets and explosions than the previous movie. I couldn’t take Dwayne Johnson seriously after seeing Toothfairy though. :smiley:

Chakushin ari(One MIssed Call) 3 out 5 – Japanese ghost story.

Lourdes – 2.5 out of 5

Rare Exports – 4 out of 5. A coming of age story set around Christmas and the truth about Santa

The Invisible Man 5 of 5 one of the classic Universal horror films w/ Claude Rains.

Hm, it’s been months since I’ve watched a movie. The last time, it was probably The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, which I’ve seen a thousand times. As my favorite movie of all time, I give it 5 stars.

Greetings BradburyReader,

Good book. I think I am going to re-read it when the opportunity presents itself.

God Bless.
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Greetings Neildown,

So how as the Popemobile in Cars2. That’s the only reason why I would consider watching the movie. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Love that movie, one of my favorites too. First time I saw it was in college, they would use the big lecture halls to show old movies on the weekends, so I got to see that in a theater-like setting; quite stunning. And LOVE the music - the score really makes that movie.

Greetings to those posting and or reading this thread,

Just finished watching the Exorcism of Emily Rose.

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While some of these aren’t in cinema, I REALLY recommend you watch them although warning, these are films are rather mature:

Fight Club: one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. I love the character development and the black and white morlaity and how sympathetic the protagonist is.

Dark City: Goodness gracious, Dark City is goooood. Its a science fiction tale which makes the Matrix look like it was done by a five year old. A warning though to avoid spoilers: the theatrical cut’s opening narration spoils the film to hell. I mean it. It only added in the last minute because hollywood thinks we’re all idiots. The narration only happens over a starry night sky. Mute the scene until the point where it drops down to Kiefer Sutherland and turns his head. It’s not a bad spoiler, just gives a bunch of stuff you figure out before the end of the first half. I mean it, it will not affect your enjoyment of the film in any way. I know I I hadn’t muted it, I wouldn’t have seen the film twice in two days.

Batman Begins: MUCH better than the 1989 film. Heck, Batman and Robin is better than the '89 film because at least it wasn’t as deragatory to Batman’s dignity as the first movie! However, Batman Begins is one of the better Batman movies and I like it more than the Dark Knight. Pity they couldn’t get Scarecrow right.

And finally, my favorite film of all time:

Wachmen: Buy the directors cut, its much better than the theatrical cut which is still excellent. I love this movie and I love the comic. Thats all I’m saying as nothing can decribe the awesomeness that is Watchmen.

The Plague Dogs. I know I can’t shut up about this movie and book, but man do i love it. I think its a rare example of the movie being better then the book. half the book centers on the dogs while the other half is on the human characters; I feel that the human side of it was kind of weak. while the movie focuses on the dogs. while there are some good things here and there in the book that were not in the film, they really did a good job of choosing what to omit, add, and change (don’t even get me started on how the books ending sucked, again)

Heck, Batman and Robin is better than the '89 film because at least it wasn’t as deragatory to Batman’s dignity as the first movie!

got to disagree with you there. while i know that the 89 film did not portray batman 100% right, it was still a very well done film on its own. also, whats more dignifying then batmans and robins costums, you know what i mean.

Disinherited, sounds like we love the same films!

Love Peckinpah and spaghetti westerns. NO desire to see new Straw Dogs.

Red was great!!!

Captain America was great!!!

Dead Silence was… Eh. Could have been really could if not predictable.

Melinda and Melinda was a pretentious Woody Allen movie I turned off

What can I say about Megamind and Despicable Me??? Great !!!

Last movies I watched were Pride and Prejudice ('05 Keira Knightley version), and Spirited Away.

Meh, Captain America was JUST Ok. It had so much potential, it had a good story yet its not that it was executed badly, it wasn’t executed well enough. The story was rushed and sometimes, the action was rushed too. Peggy and Cap as a couple had alot of chemistry between them and is one of the better couples found in a superhero film. They were much better than Rachel Dawes form Batman Begins, Peter and MJ form the absolutely ‘meh, who the hell cares’ SPiderman films and were much, MUCH better than Bruce andVicky form the '89 film. Really, Captian America needed more character development and the ending with the ‘black dude’ could have been better.

I have to disagree I_R with you about Batman 1989. I saw a review by an internet reviewer and tohugh I loved the movie as a kid and will always remember the bit where Batman kills the Joker, today I view it as a movie that is all style and no substance. Even as a film by itself it is bad. This is a problem with alot of Tim Burton’s films: they have alot of style yet little substance. The Nightmare before Christmas had rather flat characters and I didn’t really beleive that normal people like us would beleive in Santa Clause. To me its not a mastepriece, just Tim Burton (otherwise innocently and without sinning) indulging in his rich fantasies. If you want a real Batman film, check out Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and ANY animated movie by Bruce Timm. Those are real superhero cartoons, even tohugh I’m not a fan of how Superman was depicted being jelous of Captain Marvel. In the comics, Superman revealed to young Billy his secret identity and became his mentor for a short time. Superman is Superman, he’s the embodiment of good in comics! The only reason he doesn’t fight against abortion is because the writers don’t want to depict such a disgusting subject (or maybe abortion is illegal in Earth-0).

I wasn’t even aware that there was a Popemobile :confused:.

Yep, and I haven’t seen Cars 2:

Just finished watchin Sense and Sensibility ('96 version). Can you ever go wrong with Jane Austin?

A good film to watch now is (In Time) it had a smart story and had nice action or excitement and it off-course it did not attack christians in anyway. :thumbsup:

saying something has no substance seems like just a stock response to me. if you dont like something then thats find, but if your going to pull the “no substance” card you really need to back up the claim. also, one should really give credit where credit is due; 89 batman is very well made, i enjoy watching it, i like the characters, i like the story.
as for tim burton, i really dont care. i pick and chose my movie individually, not by director. i never saw nightmare before christmas, and i have no desire to.
i will also say the mask of the phantasm is great, as well as season one and two of batman the animated series. they are great batman stories, as is the 89 batman

I wasn’t crazy about Batman 89 either(Batman Returns was far better IMO). The problem does not llay with TIm Burton. Nolan’s Batman Begins was great, Dark Knight was all style no substance and would not have done as well were it not for the Heath Ledger tragedy(no oscar win either).

I saw “Paranormal Activity 3” a few weeks ago. It was creepy as heck and better than the first two.

Regarding “Moneyball” - I personally loved it and so did the guy I went with. It was a different kind of baseball movie that I throughly enjoyed.

“Contagion” was decent, but I didn’t really need to see that in the theater. To do it all over again, I would wait until it was on DVD or cable.

I watched “17 Again” last night since it was on TV. I’m sorry to say that’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back. I mean, Zac Effron is in that movie. Just having him to look at should have been worth it (I admit that I feel a little pervy thinking he’s hot, but he’s not THAT much younger than me).

I see a ton of movies. I’m sure I’m missing a few that I’ve seen the last few weeks. If I think of others, I’ll let ya know.

Oh and I agree about “Red”. Flippin’ hilarious and great action. Love, love that movie.

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