What movie did you finish watching?

again with this “no substance” card. it really doesnt get more stock then that; do you care to elaborate. also, i think people blow this whole notion of heath ledgers death increasing views way out of proportion; does anyone remember when isaac hyse (sp?) and bernie mac died, and that movie they were both in that got release shortly afters the latest death.

I remember Bernie Mac’s movie, but not Isaac Hayes’s. Didi he even do anything after he had a temper tantrum and quit South Park.

OK maybe style without substance was the wrong description for Dark Knight. It was over rated though and in my opinion pretentious. I don’t hold out much hop for Dark Knight Returns.

mac and hayes were in a movie together that released very shorty after their deaths. some people assumed that that movie would have been big, but no one saw it. people saw the dark knight because it was well advertised, heath dieing had nothing to do with it.

The Lord of Ring.

The Dark Knight was the best movie ever when I saw it - I can’t say what I think after watching it a second time because I haven’t had the chance. :shrug:

Back to the Future III.

I like time travel films.

Just finished watching The Full Monty. I love that movie, it is so funny!

My son and I watched “Patton” on Veteran’s Day.

Good — Winnie The Pooh

Bad – Jack and Jill

well yea, the fact that the movie was really good also helped

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I watched August Rush. I liked that movie, I however did not like Robin William’s character. Just not used to seeing Robin Williams play a character like that.

Great movie, I was crying all the way through it and most especially at the end.

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We will never know.

The Isaac Hayes/ Bernie Mac comparison is not necessarily comparable. Dark Knight was not Ledger’s final film. At the time of his death he was working on Terry Gilliam’s Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I don’t think many people remember that either. I didn’t, until I saw a few minutes of it on cable over the weekend.

I can recommend TULPAN. It’s a Kazakh film made with aid from Germany, Poland and the European Union. It’s a comedy about a young man who tries to marry the only girl around for miles. He and his family live in a Yurt and look after a herd of sheep. However, his fiance to be is not impressed, and he, his best friend and father try to negotiate with her parents, but she thinks his ears are TOO big. His friend tries to counter this by showing that even Prince Charles has BIG EARS. This is really a good film and despite the comedy shows life in a harsh environment where a herd of sheep is the lifeblood of a family. You can get it on DVD. The film does show some posters of naked women (very faint) as the best friend has naked girls’ photos plastered all over his tractor, these draw negative reactions from all and sundry too. There are no sex scenes or other actual nudity. It’s really a beautiful film.

I watched a bit of each of the Lord of the Rings movies recently. Probably the best-directed movies I’ve ever watched.

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I just finished watching Fellowship of the Rings. I enjoyed it.

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Just recently watched Arsenic and Old Lace. I laughed a lot which I guess means the comedy was successful. It felt like a bad dream at times though :smiley:

Just watched Spider Man 2 for the 2nd time. Didn’t like it as much as I remembered. Still a decent movie though.

The movie with Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes in it is called Soul Men. Samuel Jackson is also in it. It is an okay movie.

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The Fourth Wise Man based on Henry Van ****'s novel.

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The Apostle

Starring Robert DuVall :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Adventure land 5 stars. If you like a great rock and roll soundtrack in a movie you will find it here. It is a comedy but has drama about growing up and relationships. It has adult situations and sensitive viewers may have a problem with it. I found some very funny moments.

Everyones Fine. 4 stars A wonderful family drama about children moving away from their parents and a father struggling with his image after his wife dies. Robert Dinero, Drew Barrymore and more great actors.:slight_smile:

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