What movie did you finish watching?

I want to watch Everyone’s Fine, but keep forgetting about it.

Re-watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the 1980 version of Fame.

The original “Stanno tutti bene” is a better film. Much better.

I hated the American version. Marcello Mastroianni played the patriarch in the original. He’s perfect as a stern Sicilian patriarch. I still weep if I see it, but it hasn’t been released on DVD yet. It was directed by Tornatore, the director of Cinema Paradiso.

When I watched DeNiro, all I saw was DeNiro trying to be a middle class older man.

The last film I watched was “Sedotta e Abbandonata”. A very dark comedy set in 1950’s Sicily. Agnese is seduced by her sister’s fiance’. Agnese’s father finds out and needs to have the two married, before anyone in the town can realized what has happened.

Great, great film. Saro Urzi was incredible as the father, ( he also played Michael Corleone’s FIL in Sicily, in the Godfather)

Also recently saw “Sunflower” with Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren, about a couple separated by war. Had me weeping as well.

The last movie I watched was ‘Hana’, last week. I couldn’t see any point to the movie…I have no idea why it was made. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

The last movie I saw in the theater was ‘Breaking Dawn’. I liked it. I was surprised at the pro life message in it. It was subtle, funny, touching, and graphic and disturbing all in the same movie, and managed it all very well. Best one of the series.

I just finished watching The Priest. Nothing in the movie seems anti-Catholic. The priests aren’t really priests. They are from an order of specialized men and women trained to hunt and kill vampires. The main character is very religious. Overall, it’s a good action and entertaining movie.

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