What movies are you looking forward to this year?

This year is shaping up pretty well at the box office. We got Indy back, a new Star Trek, a Speed Racer movie, and lots of other stuff! So what movies are you psyched about? I’d like to see:
Speed Racer
The new Star Trek
Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull
Batman: the Dark Knight Returns
Prince Caspian

I’m looking forward to:

Indiana Jones
Prince Caspian
The Dark Knight
Star Trek
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I already stated mine in a thread I started back in early January.


HALF BLOOD PRINCE!!! HECK YEAH!! WOO-HOO!!! faints from excitement

Don’t forget Ironman. :cool:

It looks great

Interested to see Batman, but there’s only room for one Joker in my heart.

Mark Hamill.

Yeah, that Mark Hamill–he did the Clown Prince of Crime’s voice in the animated Batman that had art by Bruce Timm. He had the perfect balance of funny and homicidal mania. Any Joker that isn’t as funny as he thinks he is is not okay with me.

He also had Harley Quinn (why is there no drooling emoticon?).

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