What movies do you want to go see?

There are alot comming out soon.

I hear a new Godzilla movie is slated to come out this year and also a new Haunted Mansion movie might be at some time this year and I hear the Hatbox Ghost will be in it. I know im going to see Godzilla and the Hobbit is also on my list and prometheus.

I’m very much looking forward to the Avengers, also real excited that Anchorman 2 was announced.

The Hobbit for sure. I also can’t wait for Batman.

The Three Stooges!! I bet it’s terrible. I like bad movies.

I saw a white squirrel today.

Ditto that’s m 2012 :D:thumbsup:

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

Batman, The Hobbit, and Godzilla.

According to IMDB Godzilla won’t be out until 2014.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, The Hobbitt, Dark Shadows, possibly Les Miz, and The Artist.

I’m going to see “Mirror Mirror” tonight, but I’d also like to see “Snow White and the Huntsman”, “Brave”, and “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” for the lolz (I know it’s taking itself seriously, but I can’t help but see it as one big cheesefest).


The Hunger Games
The Avengers
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Dark Knight Rises

Ok, so I’m a scifi/superhero geek. Sue me. :smiley:

The Hobbit and the Avengers, definitely.

The last Godzilla Hollywood remake left such a bad taste I don’t envision a new one being any good.

But Cloverfield 2 is supposed to be coming, I’m looking forward to that.

The Hobbit
The Dark Knight Rises
Les Miserables
Anna Karenina
Dark Shadows
Total Recall

The Hobbit
Wreck-it Ralph

Going to see Titanic in 3D tonight, can’t wait!


The Dark Knight Rises-
I am very sure this will be great.

Will probably be a bomb critic wise. Hopefully not though. I am sure it’ll make a lot of cash either way.

The Hobbit-
I am really interested to see if this can live up to the hype the LOTR films got.

Lets see if Pixar can do it again :D.

The Amazing Spider Man-
This could go any direction at this point. Really bad, mediocre, or great.

Bullet to the Head-
Anything will Stallone in it I am interested in :).

Bourne Legacy-
I wonder if it can be interesting without Matt Damon/Bourne in it. :shrug:

Expendables 2-
I haven’t even seen the first one yet. I’d like to see Schwarzenegger on screen again though. Maybe it will top the first. I want Stallone to get back into making decent films :cool: I think the Expendables is a cool idea. It has potential to be good.

Jurassic Park in 3D-
Can’t wait to see this on the big screen! When Dinosaurs ruled the Earth!

Hunger Games-
Will probably see this in theaters. After reading some reviews it looks like it will be decent.

I am sure some other goldies will come out this year, haven’t heard about them yet though.

October Baby, and October Baby!

I have seen it twice already, and will see it with two different groups this week. Wonderful movie.

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