What movies of 2011 are you looking forward to

I’m sure we all have movies that we’re looking forward to. as for me, these are the ones on my must see list:

Jane Eyre
Water for Elephants
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Harry Potter
The Three Musketeers
Pirates of the Caribbean 4
X Men first class

As of now, nothing. But if there’s something that involves some great acting and a compelling plot without frequent instances of foul language, violence and sexual situations, I’ll consider it.

Don’t laugh - Breaking Dawn part 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

and Harry Potter 8 (Deathly Hallows Part II, iow)

I’d also like to see something in the IMAX theatre that just opened near where I live. Maybe it’ll be one of those. Preferably a sci-fi or fantasy so I can feel part of a different world for a couple of hours. With popcorn. :popcorn: And Milk Duds.

I am fast approaching 56…but the kid in me wants to see the new “super-hero” films that are coming out this year…

Green Lantern

And I am a fan of the Harry Potter movies…part 8…I am looking forward to them.

Transformers 3- 01 July 2011. My son will probably talk me into waiting in line to see the mid-night opening. The line wait with him is a good time by itself.:slight_smile:

I am hoping that “Fair Game”, with Sean Penn and Naomi Watts plays somewhere near us. I know it has been out in limited release, and saw it in California in November.

My husband is the news anchor on the left of the screen in one of the scenes (about 10-12 minutes into the movie) where they show news anchors from around the country talking about the Valerie Plame “outing.” We knew that the producers had contacted his station’s owners for the rights, but had NO idea the footage had actually been used.

I am eager for Harry Potter, curious as to how they will do “Breaking Dawn” (filming now just a couple hours away in Baton Rouge), and also want to see Jane Eyre, Water for Elephants, The Company Men, and the new Pirates of the Caribbean.

I’m really hoping they do a good job on Water for Elephants. It’s my favorite book and will be very put out if they mess it up, lol.

Can I hurl instead? >_<;;;

Yeaaaa… Transformers FTW!!! XD It’s been a while since I had a taste of quick-changing, metal-mashing robot action. :cool:

  • Will Pass

Well, we don’t have a good vomiting smiley available here, but go for it - just away from my popcorn! :smiley:

Chalk it up to senility. I’m 48. My girlfriends with whom I attend Twilight movies and discuss the books are of like vintage. Crazy, huh?

Don’t worry. I’ll use the bathroom. It’s not that I really, really hate Twilight. I just can’t stand the horrible way it has been handled (including the writing style and some of the concepts).

TF2 was one of those movies I went to with really low expectations based on the reviews. Kind of an aviation/military history buff so I actually really enjoyed the Smithsonian scene with the P-40 Warhawk and the ‘Enola Gay’ bookending the start/end of WWII; using the SR71 cold war spy plane as the ancient transformer. That and Bay’s choice of names for the US Navy ships in the film I took as commentary on the cost of preparing for/not being prepared to oppose evil.

I’m somewhat miffed though at how the Autobots are mostly civilian vehicles (perhaps with the exception of Ratchet) whilst the Decepticons are the ones loading themselves with military hardware. I mean despite the demise of Bonecrusher, Brawl, and Blackout, they ended up getting replacements and then some with heavy duty Constructicons.

Ironhide still gets my vote for the most heavy-loaded bot though. :thumbsup:

I saw the movie Tron today. :slight_smile:

Another “Jane Eyre” remake!!!..I am so going to see it, lol!

And I just checked out the X-Men trailer, I’m such a sucker for those movies, even though I was not truly happy with them.

Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books, and I have to say I have high expectations for this version. They picked some good actors for the main roles, and I’m glad they went with smaller, less know names.

The X-Men trailer is out?!? So going to check that out right now!

Well suit yourself, lol:shrug:

This looks to be the first DC movie that isn’t horrible (and yes, the Batman reboots are horrible), because it uses the actual setting—the trailer showed, at the very least, Kilowogg and Sinestro on Oa. Hopefully that means the Guardians, too. I personally wonder if they’re going to work in the Parallax explanation of the yellow weakness right from the get-go…but now I’ve probably lost all the non-geeks.

Given your .sig, Lost Wanderer, you might appreciate this: “I liked Twilight better when it was the InuYasha episodes with Koga.”

I don’t know if I’ll see all of these in the theater (probably not), but the ones I’m looking forward to are:

The Green Hornet
The Rite
Battle: Los Angeles
Sucker Punch
Your Highness
Apollo 18
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Kung Fu Panda 2
X-Men: First Class
Super 8
Green Lantern
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Captain America: The First Avenger
Cowboys & Aliens
Conan the Barbarian


You said it! XD Fan girls never get tired of such love triangles do they?

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