What music should we listen to?

Hello, I would like to ask you about what music can Catholic listen to without falling into a trap of sin? Because I feel that we shouldn’t listen to any music that has only little cussing or sexual content and so on in it… Am I right? Thanks for your answers in advance. Don’t only artists commit the sin in most of the occasions?

There is no universal answer. If you feel a certain musicians songs are leading you to sin, then you should avoid them, but there’s not some universal rule for all Catholics.

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We shouldn’t listen to blasphemous music. We also shouldn’t listen to obscene music, the caveat being people have different standards for obscene. Most people can agree that songs with graphically sexual lyrics like WAP are not good to listen to; that stuff squicks me out even apart from being Catholic, because it’s just gross.

Aside from those obvious cases, if a certain song or certain type of music tempts you to sin, don’t listen to it. There’s no “one size fits all” because temptation varies from person to person and with age, motivation for listening to the music, etc.


Ah the old wireless application protocol song again. It’s no so much even the lyrics on that thing that bother, it’s just a mess in all directions. The creators should have been pulled by the ears and forced to watch something like a series of movies by Hitchcock and asked ‘What did you learn?’ answer, ‘Hinting but not showing everything tends to work better than a naked reveal’. It’s a tiresome piece of music which a 14 year old would play to a parent to shock them.


Some of the music I listen to does have cussing in it, but I pretty much avoid all overtly sexual music as much as I can. A good way to do that is to stay off of YouTube, and turn off the radio.

As music is my greatest hobby, this is something that has been intriguing me for a long time. Obviously, we shouldn’t listen to music that is disrespectful or blasphemous.

But I’ve observed in myself that the kind of music I listen to also has some kind of influence in my mind and my soul. If I listen to strident music, I find it extremely difficult to concentrate on prayer for almost a full day. If I listen to simple and repetitive music, the result is the same. Maybe it’s because I’m more sensitive to some stimuli than other people.

In any case, you can’t go wrong with Bach.

Go a step further than just avoiding the stuff that glamorizes sin. Find uplifting music. Another plus is that you won’t outgrow such music, as you would outgrow someone moaning about how bad they have it, how they’ll get even, how they’ll use someone else, etc.

Excuse me, but I would like to ask you about blasphemy… Because when I listen to someone who commits this sin of course he does wrong things… But I am listening not commiting blasphemy I think. Is it something wrong with like supporting this artist or something else? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sure there are some people who can explain better than me why. But listening to blasphemy, even if you are not blaspheming while you listen, is not good for your soul. As for helping those artists, I wouldn’t be comfortable giving money to anyone who insulted my mother… or my God.

As for music with curse words, there are probably better things out there to listen to, but I don’t think they are necessarily a sin per se.

In any case, I have no formation to give you a better explanation. Maybe some other poster can help you better.

Thank you so much… for example these lyrics… do you think there is something wrong with it?
I’ll stay awake
“'Cause the dark’s not taking prisoners tonight
Why am I not scared in the morning?
I don’t hear those voices calling
I must have kicked them out
I must have kicked them out
I swear I heard demons yelling
Those crazy words they were spelling
They told me I was gone
They told me I was gone”

Or this one:

“I-I-I’ve got a migraine
And my pain will range from up down and sideways
Thank God it’s Friday
'Cause Fridays will always be better than Sundays
'Cause Sunday’s are my suicide days”

And also, I am not listening to music with that content because of the content, I just like the tune and how it sounds. Is it a grave matter?

What exactly do you think is wrong with these lyrics?

Do you suffer from any scrupulosity issues?

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Since it’s usually lyrics, not music itself that causes problems for people, why not listen to instrumental music? Or music in a foreign language that you don’t understand?

I listen to a wide variety of music but if I happen to hear music that offends me, I just turn it off.

No, I don’t really think there is anything bad with those lyrics. What exactly is worrying you? The word demons? The word suicide?

As long as music doesn’t contain insults to God, glorifies the occult or the enemy (“yo, this demon is great!”), glorifies sin or things like those, you’re good. If you see that music is giving you desires of doing wrong things, troubles your imagination with “bad images” or makes you want to harm yourself or others, then stop it. But I doubt this can be the case.

If you’re scrupulous, remember that not everything is a sin.

And if you want to expand your scope, listen to great music, and be almost 100% sure that you’re not listening to any bad thing, you may want to start listening to classical music. Mozart is a good place to start… :smiley:

That’s from ‘Ode To Sleep’ by Twenty-One Pilots.

I’m familiar with this song, it deals with someone struggling with what seems to be a depressive disorder and the song keeps swapping between dark and light tones with hard rock guitars in parts and that vocal melodies that seem lifted from another type of song in other parts.

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Well I thought of the words like he said that he swears and i think this is a sin… and yes i think i suffer from scrupulosity

In that case maybe Tomarin’s suggestion is a good one, use music that is purely instrumental.

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This. People seem to forget they do have the agency of just turning of the music, program, stopping the game etc. if it conflicts with their morality or taste.

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I’ve been thinking about this topic myself and I’m thinking that I might try to just listen to Catholic radio or uplifting music (classical or Christian) during Advent.

If that’s the case, and it seems to be, you shouldn’t ask these types of questions here. Seeking assurance from strangers on the internet doesn’t help you deal with this condition long term. I recommend you seek out a priest and discuss scrupulosity with him.

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