What Muslims are Taught in their Mosques


If anyone wonders why Muslims keep attacking Christians and other unbelievers, here is the proof, a sermon preached in their mosques and based on the teachings of the Quran.

Here’s just one example:

The Kaafir plots against the Muslims by night and betrays them in the day. Enmity towards you is vividly shown in his face and his utterances. He bites his fingertips in severe anger against the Muslims and his inner-self is full of evil plans against them. He pretends to be trustworthy and good mannered while he is actually pursuing his own interests. Allaah exposes them when he says:*** “Hatred has already appeared from their mouths but what their breasts conceal is far worse.” ***(Aal-Imran: 118).

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Just keeps feeding the monster…


Vickie has a good point, at what a monster Islam can be.
This stuff is being preached and its very dangerous.
This is pure prejudice and hatred.
You dont hear any such things in Christian faiths, we only spread love.
We need to stop the spread of this hatred NOW.
If this type of teaching continues in Islam, things are going to get much worse. Its bad enough with terrorist now, taking the quran and using it for hatred, but now, and im sure throughout history, hate against Christianity is being spread in the mosques. It has to stop NOW


This kind of stuff is sometimes preached in third world countries, but not in the United States. I have many Islam friends and I have attended Mosque with them many times. Islams in the US are not taught these outrageous things.
And if even if they were - you are all on this forum posting bad things about Islams, feeding hatred for their religion. It’s the same exact thing. You should try to not be hypocritical. :mad:


Musims are still slaughtering Christians in droves around the world and Islam is a false religion that leads people away from Christ.

So remind me again why your post was at all relevant???


I can tell you know a lot about it all! Islam is the name of the religion, its followers are called Muslims not Islams!

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Thanks, Dolphinlove, for your vote of confidence! People still refuse to believe the truth about Islam, they continue to believe that it’s a religion of “peace”!



We had a missionary priest from the Sudan speak in our church. He stated that the Muslims have pretty much taken over everything over there. One of the “conversion” techniques he mentioned was that if a family was not willing to convert, the Muslims would kidnap their youngest child and roast him with a piece of fruit in his mouth (just like a pig) to convince the rest of the family that they should become Muslims.

The more I hear about Islam and the less I hear from “peaceful” Muslims denouncing these terroristic tactics, the more I believe that Islam is not at all a religion of peace.


There is no peace in the religion of peace. it’s the religion of hate.


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YESSS, that is what i meant by “feeding the monster”. This site is a hatred breeder for other religions. :rolleyes:


Excuse me, but why are you, a Catholic, defending Islam?? What about the hatred that Islam has for us, do you just look the other way when Muslims kill other people and even other Muslims?



hold on. we’re denouncing islam for not being a religion of peace, yet this doesn’t sound very peaceful.


I would really like to think that deep down, Islam is a religion of peace that has just been hijacked by extremists who are bent on world domination and the forced conversion or death of all “infidels”.

Although I am becoming more and more skeptical of Islam truly being a religion of peace, I think what dolphinlove is saying (correct me if I’m wrong, dolphinlove) is that we must stand up to the hatred that is present in Islam, whether it is just an extremist element or whether it is actually what true Islam is. Personally, I say the same thing in regards to “Christian” pro-lifers who condone bombing abortion clinics and shooting abortion doctors.

If this hatred is not stopped, many are doomed to the fate that many have already suffered at the hands of those Muslims that say their murder and destruction is condoned and commanded by their religion.


When i stated that about stopping the spread of hate, of course i mean to do it in a peaceful way, im not going to go and blow up the local mosque now to stop it. :rolleyes:


this sounds reasonable enough; i’m certainly aware that many appalling things are done in the name of islam (as one could say of christianity a few centuries ago). look at the guy in afghanistan who wanted to convert to christianity and was nearly lynched for it a year or two ago.

yet i’m also aware that as catholics we are not to denigrate other religious traditions. we know that our faith has the fullness of the truth, yet that doesn’t mean that other religions do not have admirable qualities. i believe pope john paul II went so far as to commend the muslims for their devotion to daily worship, while church attendance in europe remains at record lows.

i’m perfectly willing to peacefully attack the “hatred” you mention above; we need to use diplomacy to try to persuade (some?) muslim countries that everyone has the right of religious freedom. but i’m uncomfortable with blanket denunciations of islam, because they also seem to yield to indiscriminate hatred. if nothing else these will give muslims the impression we’re out to “get” them or their religion. i would like to see everyone convert to christianity of their own free will, but this can’t be accomplised by the sword.


I would agree with what you say completely. We are to respect all religions, but we do not have to respect the despicable things done in the name of a religion.

As for blanket denunciaton of Islam - I don’t condone that either. I really hope that, at it’s core, Islam is a religion of love and peace. It just seems to me that there is too little denunciation of the extremists by other Muslims. Is this because of fear or something more sinister? I don’t know.

In any event, I think that we need to stand up against the hatred and terroristic acts of the extremists and, God willing, that segment will eventually be revealed to be radicals who are twisting what Islam really is. However, until that time comes, the jury is still out in my mind.


I really do not think that islam is a religion of peace. In the qu’ran they are told to kill those who do not believe what they believe. If you take the qu’ran word for word like most muslims do, every terrorist act is justified. When someone says islam is a religion of peace, ask what peace are they are talking about. Are they speaking of peace between those of different beliefs or peace only between fellow muslims. I have a fear that one day in the not to distant future that Europe will be over run and there will be a societal up heaval replacing the tradition of Christianity in Europe with Islam. We are seeing already that European countries such as Denmark and Great Britain are on pace to have a Muslim majority due to immigration imagine what would happen if one day there were more muslims in Italy than Catholics, imagine what would happen to the Vatican.


if i remember my islamic studies class in college properly, it was the pagans who mohammed enjoined his followers to convert, by force if necessary. this is because they were ferociously monotheistic, like the god of the Old Testament told the ancient hebrews to be. as for the people of the book – followers of similarly monotheistic religions with scriptural traditions – they were accorded some respect in the Qu’ran and were not necessarily forced to convert.

most of the places in the world which have converted to islam (like indonesia for example) were not forced to convert but did so for other reasons, like the advantage of religion in forming trade networks. in other places, like north africa and persia, it was the result of military conquest by arabs and the tax that non-muslims had to pay. by converting they were able to avoid paying this tax, which was a big incentive.

as for muslim majorities in europe, do you have any figures to support your claim? i only ask because i used to live in france and have travelled widely in europe, and i never visited a country where the muslim immigrant community ammounted to more than say 5 percent of the population, so it’s difficult for me to imagine (although i’ve heard the same claim elsewhere).


Well ill try and find the exact numbers for you; however, almost ever country in Europe has a negative birth rate due to the evils of abortion and contraception. The muslim immigrants are coming in
in droves, and they are having large families.( i think avg est was 5-6 kids per family) Its simple estimation that if one group is growing and the other is decreasing, that one day the side that is growing will outnumber the other side. The real issue is not whether or not Muslims are immigrating, the issue is that they using the host country’s laws in order to push foward their own agenda, we see this all the time. Using free speech in order to broadcast hate speech.

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