What must I confess?

Here is my problem:
I know that I cannot reveal the sins of others to anyone, because this would be a sin. This is my dilemma, I told a lies rather than reveal the sin of another. Are these lies sinful?

I accompanied someone (married) when she went to meet her “boyfriend.” She informed me that she had told her husband that the two of us were going shopping and asked me to verify this story if anyone asked. I witnessed them kissing passionately. She also confided in me that she and her “boyfriend” had been intimate on numerous occasions. Later, her husband asked me if she was having an affair. I said, “I don’t know.” He asked me if we had really gone shopping. I said, “yes” even though this was also a lie.

What sins did I commit? If so, Are they mortal sins? What should I confess? How should have I answered the questions her husband asked me, to keep from sinning?


Dear friend,

You did more than lie; you participated in the woman’s infidelity to her husband by acting as a shield to keep her husband from knowing the truth, thus allowing her to be unfaithful. This led to your lying to her husband. What you should have done is refused to support her infidelity in the first place. Your sins appear to me to be mortal. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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