What must I do to get my marriage recognized by the Catholic Church?

My husband was baptized as an infant and grew up Lutheran. I was baptized as an infant Catholic, made my First Communion, and Confirmation. I unfortunately left the church when I was 19. My husband and I were married when I was 22 in a non-denominational Christian church. Neither one of us has ever been married before. That was 13 years ago. I want to return to the Catholic Church and raise my 3 children Catholic. My grandmother says that since I was not married in a Catholic Church that I would need to have my marriage recognized. What would this entail and how do I go about it? Thank you for your time.

This is actually a pretty simple process. What you’ll need is:

  1. Copy of civil marriage license.
  2. Your sacramental records of baptism, 1st communion & confirmation.
  3. Proof of your husband’s baptism.
  4. 2 witnesses that can testify neither of you have been otherwise married.

Once all of that is established you’ll simply recite the Catholic wedding vows before either a priest or deacon.

God bless!

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