What must I "unlearn" from Born Again Christianity?

I was born a Roman Catholic, baptized in the Catholic Church. Later in life I became a Born Again Christian and spent years in Protestant Evangelicalism. Today I am a Catholic Revert. What doctrines must I “unlearn” in order to walk properly in Catholicism?

You’re probably going to have to jettison the notion that baptism is something that “is an outward sign of inward grace.” Also, your going to have to believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist by means of Transubstantiation.

I would think proper catechesis is the best weapon against false doctrine. Can you enroll in an RCIA class, or open dialogue with a priest?

I don’t think there is anything you unlearn but rather as you embrace the Catholic faith, there are areas that you adopt which become part of your Christian spirit.

Didn’t know evangelicals taught specific doctrines. At least that they would call them doctrines. there are many different ‘truths’ it would be easier to know what you believe in order to say if it is against the truth.

I would think sola scriptura would be it in a nutshell. Evangelicalism is such a broad base term and covers many ideas and thinking. without knowing the specifics of where you have been and taught, sola scriptura should cover it all.

That the Bible Alone is the sole rule of faith for the believer. Catholics look to Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium or teaching authority of the Church.

I’d recommend reading More Christianity by Fr. Dwight Longenecker. He talks about how Catholicism is “more” while evangelicalism is “mere”, and as a convert, he is keen on describing doctrinal differences between the two.

Protestantism contains such a wide variety of beliefs that it is hard to make a list of specific errors. The best thing to do is to study the Catechism and a Catholic study Bible and learn what the Church founded by Christ and His Apostles has taught for two thousand years.

“Once saved, always saved” will have to go.

I think that we don’t need the Magisterium, the priests for sacraments.

You would probably need to learn to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, again.

My father just passed a way, and I doubt any of my Protestant brothers and sisters are praying for his soul, so to revisit the reality of purgatory.

We have a different Bible, with 7 more books. It’s not recommended to use just any Bible, to use a Catholic one.

Oh yeah, we Catholics have the Deuterocanonical books. I’d recommend you read them. My favorite is the Book of Tobit…short and sweet. We had a wedding tonight, and typically they take marriage readings from the Book of Tobit.

It also mentions burying the dead as one of the 7 corporate works of mercy.

Oh, we have the Catechism of the Catholic Church. When you have a doubt about the faith, besides coming on the forum, another way to seek answers is to delve into the Catechism.

It’s in book form and online. For example, you can Google…“Catechism of the Catholic Church” and …put your issue…and you will see the section(s) that apply to read about it in more detail.

As to Catholic Bibles, they come with commentary, guidance with interpretation, not leaving it all up to us to figure out.

I think it’s good for all Catholics to develop a habit in praying the Rosary. That is a powerful force.

Welcome back home! I believe that you will benefit greatly from a copy of Catholicism for Dummies. In it, you will learn the whats and whys of Catholic belief. Nothing like programming good habits to replace the bad.

I don’t know exactly how to help, but I do have a group designed to defend
the Deuterocanon, which is excluded from the Protestant bible, yet has al-
ways been part of the Holy Bible since it was written in the Latin Vulgate
and before that too I believe. Contact me if maybe interested in that.

I also recommend this video, don’t know if what’s you’re looking for:

Welcome Home.

The others have come up with some great stuff. From my own experience, I would recommend taking one step at a time at a steady pace. Maybe it would help to think about your homecoming as a journey of discovery, renewing and deepening your faith.


You actually became a born again Christian when you were baptized in the Catholic Church.

Welcome back home!

Yes. Lots of people have. Is there something really wrong with that? :slight_smile:

One difference I have noticed between Catholicism and some Evangelicals is the state of grace. In some Born Again Churches a person can sin and they believe they are under a constant state of Grace while Catholics believe that sin will send you to hell unless confessed.

**I do have that book. :slight_smile: My Priest recommended it to me. ** :o

I concur! :thumbsup:

Does the Bible teach that everything that we believe and practice has to be found in its pages?

Exactly! (I can relate to your journey. See My Testimony)
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