What must must she do about her civil marriage re. RCIA?

:confused:My Catholic son married a very Christian Non Catholic young lady 2 years ago and he was non practicing since then but she is thinking of wanting to take the RCIA program and become Catholic and raise their son (born in marriage) with our son as Catholics. What would need to be done to make that happen. If she takes the RCIA program, what status does that do to their marriage??? My husband and I became Catholic through the RCIA program with our 2 sons back in 1993 and our marriage was accepted as neither was Catholic at the time of marriage in 1975. So since our son was Catholic what would need to be done if anything about their marriage??? Thanks so much!:confused::confused:


Since your son is a Catholic and married outside of the Catholic Church, his marriage is not valid. They need to see a local priest. I neither of them has been married and divorced precious to their marriage to each other, then they may have their marriage convalidated (blessed). This will have to be done before she can become a Catholic.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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