What name will next Pope choose?


Popes choose their new names carefully, in order to express something.

For instance Cardinal Ratzinger chose Benedict because he loved st Benedict and also admired of Pope Benedict XV for his work in favor of world peace.

So I was wondering what name will the next Pope choose.

Maybe he will choose Pius XIII, if he want to define the dogma of Mary mediatrix of all graces (since Pius IX was the last Pope to define a dogma).

Or maybe John XXIV or Paul XVI he wants to convoke the Church to a new Vatican Council.
What do you think will be the name that he will choose?


PS (Sorry, in the poll it says John XIV it should say John XXIV, did not know how to correct it :o)


I predict Leo or Gregory, but that's just a hunch


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What do you think will be the name that he will choose?




I think that’s supposed to be Paul VII


I’m also expecting Gregory. For what its worth, this was something I dreamed. Which probably just means I need less caffeine before bed. Because I also dreamed it was a frenchman.


I predict, for whatever that's worth...(nothing)...that it will be Leo XIV. But I would love Gregory XVII!

God bless.



It would be very odd indeed if he chose Paul XVII considering there have been only six previous Popes named Paul, or John XIV since Pope John XIV reigned gloriously from the throne of Peter in 984. ;)

I have a feeling that the next Pope will choose the name Gregory XVII to emphasize the need for continuing liturgical reform in the Church.


Since we've already had John and Paul,
maybe George or Ringo ?


John XX. You know, to fix that spot in the list finally.


You mean besides John Paul II?

Also, I’m voting for Pope Ignatius I


John Paul III would be kind of neat.


Its almost surprising at the number of names that HAVEN’T been used. no Matthew, no Luke, no George, no Michael, no David, no Anthony, no Francis, etc., etc., etc.


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Also, I'm voting for Pope Ignatius I


I think by your username that you are more hoping for it than actually thinking it will happen. Although that would make my son's life.


Petrus Romanus......insert crazed debunked end world prophecy about st. malachy/malachi here


I was thinking it would be an Urban, Urban IX maybe?


I hope he picks something new.



Personally I’d like to see Peter II just to give the doomsday crowd an out-freak moment!!!



That would do it!:bigyikes::bigyikes::bigyikes:


Okay, so it would have to be a Black Pope, but Lando II would be an awesome name if Peter Turkson became pope:D Sorry. In all seriousness, I think he will probably go with John XXIV. I would love though if he revived a name like Alexander or Clement or Gregory.


Pope Victor V if from Africa
Pope Isaac if from Canada
Pople Gabriele Maria if from China
Pope Thomas if from India
Pope Francis Xavier if from Japan
Pope Juan Diego if from South America

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