What Newsweek gets wrong about evangelicals

“They wave their Bibles at passersby, screaming their condemnations,” writes Kurt Eichenwald of evangelical Christians.

“They fall on their knees, worshipping at the base of granite monuments to the Ten Commandments…They are God’s frauds, cafeteria Christians who pick and choose which Bible verses they heed with less care than they exercise in selecting side orders for lunch.”

So begins Eichenwald’s recent cover story for Newsweek, “The Bible: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin,” which the author claims is meant to enlighten readers about the true nature and content of the Bible, but which almost certainly alienates the very people it aims to persuade by caricaturing and mocking them in the opening paragraphs.


Of course Newsweek gets much wrong about evangelicals. I would doubt they care if they are right or wrong. Evangelicals are their political opponents, so any and all invective aimed at them is fine, truthful or not.

And this sentence:

*So begins Eichenwald’s recent cover story for Newsweek, “The Bible: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin,” which the author claims is meant to enlighten readers about the true nature and content of the Bible, but which almost certainly alienates the very people it aims to persuade by caricaturing and mocking them in the opening paragraphs. *

The author simply gets this wrong. The Newsweek story is NOT aimed at nor attempts to persuade evangelicals. It is aimed at the left, to reaffirm their animosity and hatred of evangelicals, and to sway the opinion of moderates and those undecided to believe the worst about evangelicals, again, truthful or not.

The majority of my best friends are what I would consider “evangelicals” and this article clearly misrepresents them. While there are people who sit on street corners yelling out commands, I’ve never once seen a respectable evangelical do that. I would put those who do such, in the “uneducated/fanatical” category, not evangelical.

Thank you for sticking up for them.

Last time I saw Newsweek was while waiting for my car to get an oil change, and those guys are pretty quick.
Why would anyone, in their right mind, think Newsweek is expert on anything? The Bible least of all.
Catholics and evangelicals have a common enemy.


This about sums it up.

On behalf of my Evangelical friends, I’m offended.

Newsweek is not trying to enlighten anyone on the Bible, they could not care less about the Bible or the religious right. I haven’t yet seen the article in full, but it sounds like they are indeed just mocking and characterizing evangelicals (therefore, all Christians) into looking like a bunch of fanatical emotional nuts.

More fodder for the militant atheists to use in their war on what little decency is left in this country…I think we (Catholics and non-Catholic Christians) should stop fighting with one another and unite to fight the big fight, which IMO is the growing atheism, abortion, gay marriage, the ACLU supporting everything that’s perverse and/or sinful etc…that’s been slowly taking over this country under the guise of “freedom, tolerance and educational elitism”.

I’ve seen the statistics many times - believers are in the vast majority in the US! So why are we allowing ourselves to be steamrolled by the 10% (or less) who want everything their way and are not in the least bit tolerant of even a nativity scene?

Newsweek caters to their readers OR who they want their readers to be – so they lost their credibility a long time ago. They are no longer a legitimate source of unbiased reporting. Newsweek magazine is one step above the Enquirer, IMO, ever since they darkened OJ’s picture way back when…they want to sell their rag, so they sensationalize everything they can.

What a sad excuse for a story.

The author set out to demonstrate what ignorant dummies evangelical Christians are. But what he really did was expose his own prejudice, sloppy research and axe grinding.


It’s clear that he relied entirely on Bart Ehrman, who lost his faith years ago when submerged in the confusion of the Tubingen approach to biblical scholarship (which consists of at least as much unexamined assumption as the despised evangelicals).

My favorite example of Tubingen scholarship reasoning goes something like this: We can all agree up front that superstitious nonsense like Jesus foretelling of future events is not real. Since Jesus “predicted” in the gospel that Jerusalem would be destroyed and no stones left unturned and since Jerusalem really WAS destroyed a few decades after his death, OBVIOUSLY that gospel was not written until AFTER the destruction of Jerusalem when early Christians invented these words of Jesus’. Ergo, we’ve proved that the gospel wasn’t written until at least the mid 70’s CE." (Won’t see them using AD)

That’s how these modern scholars “think.” They START with disbelief and use circular reasoning to reinforce it.

The progressives keep lining up their hit pieces, trotting out the usual diatribes against the Faith because they feel empowered at this point in history. They feel the Enlightenment movement has finally reached a stage that the Bull of Christianity is wounded enough to go in for the kill. And if one looks very closely at both the mainline Protestant Churches, and some of the Catholic Parishes, the progressives might be on to something. Denominations seeking to play “nice” with the world are getting their hands dirty. And the stain is starting to show. Internal strife due to whether or not modernity should be incorporated into Doctrine is readily apparent in most Denominations. And even in the Evangelical circles there is a sea change between the Mega Churches attempt to be “relevant” and the more conservative Churches trying to hold on to the 30 something and younger crowd. Scripture warns us of this age. 2nd Timothy chapter 3 comes to mind. Satan will continue to ramp up the assaults against the Body of Christ as we move closer to the end of days, when ever that might be. His job is stealing Souls. We must always be on guard: “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world.”(1 Peter 5:8-9 ESV)

For an Evangelical take on Newsweek, try this from Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Thank you for that link!

Excellent article by Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. who took this “cover story” apart, piece by piece.

I learned from the Mohler piece that the author, Kurt Eichenwald is a prizewinning journalist, but in the areas of finance and business, not religious matters. So why is he even writing this story? It becomes very apparent that he has an axe to grind, against religion in general and Christianity in particular. The editor who made this mess the cover story has some explaining to do-- it is sloppy, inaccurate and not at all balanced reporting.

This whole Newsweek piece will infuriate Christians all over the country, and I predict that Newsweek will be apologizing soon… I also have no doubt Dr. Mohler’s last paragraph will come to pass:
“To the contrary, this article is likely to do far more damage to Newsweek in its sad new reality. Kurt Eichenwald probably has little to lose among his friends at Vanity Fair, but this article is nothing less than an embarrassment. To take advantage of Newsweek’s title — it so misrepresents the truth, it’s a sin.”

Notice they didn’t do a story entitled “The Koran: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin.”

Newsweek is just one of many organs of propaganda for the establishment. It always ways. Newsweek and other establishment rags frame the debate by telling you what news is. They tell you what stories to care about by reporting them and keep you ignorant of stories that don’t fit their agenda by ignoring them. They also direct your mind by raising certain questions and ignoring others.

Media by nature is sensationalism because that is what sells. That is also nothing new. A story about what I did yesterday would bore even me. But a story about something out of the ordinary, good or bad, will draw interest.

Unbiased reporting is a myth promoted by journalism schools. No one and no organization is unbiased. There never was nor will be a source of unbiased reporting. American media, like anything corporate, has for quite some time been controlled by a small group of elites.

nothing new here. Critics have been attacking the faith for centuries. No new arguments and nothing that will shake my faith in historic Christianity

Newsweek gets nothing right. Here’s a Lutheran response to their latest absurd article.


:thumbsup: You are so right!

This was a terrible article. I don’t understand how Newsweek allowed it to be the cover story. I haven’t read a Time magazine or a Newsweek magazine in over 20 years. They have hit a new low with this.

One of my evangelical friends says that Newsweek does not have enough credibility to offend him.

That is a good way of looking at it!!

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