What non-Catholic 'causes' do you support and why?


I tend to focus and be involved in all things Catholic, yet, perhaps involvement in other causes is a good evangelization tool.

Even if it’s not for evangelization, what non-Catholic activities do you participate in?



I have been using Kiva for a couple years and love it. Reminds me of the “teach a man to fish” saying.


We help support dh’s cousins who are Presbyterian missionaries in Berlin.


I don’t define the world as “Catholic” and “Non-Catholic”. I have certain beliefs and support them. I volunteer with several ministries in my church and in other churches, even Non-Catholic ones. For example, I tutor underprivileged children at a Presbyterian church, work with several in our parish to help a non-denominational Christian foodbank, and work with a career and unemployment assistance group in a Methodist church.


I support causes that benefit people with disAbilities. I have a daughter with Down syndrome and am happy to be involved with these charities.


pet related causes (rescue, sterilization, etc.) and adopt-a-classroom.


Well, we support Amnesty International, and Ducks Unlimited, and my husband has been involved involved in scouting and the local food bank, and I’m involved in a local breastfeeding support group.


I forgot, We also support best friends and humane society


Humane society, red cross, and if I ever spring it rich, I’m giving alot to the the Elizabeth Glaser Pedatric AIDS foundation.


Most of our charitable giving goes towards Catholic-related organizations. The rest goes to the following:

~Our local Humane Society
~Our local Zoological Society
~Nature Conservancy
~UPAF (United Performing Arts Fund)
~United Way (checked the local recipients and they were all “kosher”)


P.S.-We don’t donate to all these organizations each year…only on occasion.


Pet related issues when I had a job .


Smile Train, Guiding Eyes for the Blind and some other local charities.


Habitat for Humanity.
The United Way.
Local and State governments.
Public libraries.
Public schools.
Neighborhood associations.


Amnesty International
Hunger-related causes
Sexual assault related causes
OneVoice (Israeli-Palestinian conflict)

Not all financially, as a college student responsible for her own living expenses, that would be impossible. But certainly through my time, efforts, and willingness to learn more.


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