What Not To Wear

How many of you watch this show?

What not to wear with Stacy and Clinton…:cool:

What do you like or dislike about it?

ps…take quiz link


That is one of my favorite shows… Love it!!!

I like the show very much. I think it’s great that they take these gals (it’s mostly gals) and restore their self esteem. Now, I know the phrase “self esteem” can be a red flag to some, but there is a legitimate use of the term that merely means seeing oneself as one truly is not as one currently sees oneself.

And most of these gals are seeing themselves in a distorted mirror: hanging onto their teen years or letting themselves go out of mild depression or simply not knowing how to dress properly. They do a truly good work helping these people regain their confidence so they can go forward with their lives seeing life from a more positive point of view.

Personally, I’ve taken some of their suggestions to heart and bought clothes that actually fit me. It’s made a big difference in how I see myself and how people react to me. If I look like a dumpy old woman people will treat me like one. If I look like a put together person who cares about herself, people will treat me with more respect and take what I say and do seriously.

I could say more about this, but I do have to add that this has nothing to do with vanity. It’s about doing the best one can with what one has in a realistic way instead of pretending to be something one is not and living in a rut damaging to oneself, which can’t help but spill over to others in one’s life.

I like it to and watch on Fridays…sometimes Stacy can be a little :hmmm: uncharitable ? :smiley:

LOVE that show… :smiley:
I usually only catch it while running on the treadmill at the gym during my lunch hour! :rolleyes:

I got a 3 out of 3 on the quiz, btw… :wink: :cool:

I watch and enjoy it. I like that they ackowledge the individuals style but try to direct them to clothing that is more flattering, professional and appropriate for their ages.

I don’t like that the clothing/stores are out of my price range. If I could dedicate $5000 to clothes I wouldn’t need Clinton and Stacy to choose clothes that look good on me. I do think it would be more fun; I think they’re a scream. “Shut! Up!” :slight_smile:

Love it!

I have learned much from the show and even have my boyfriend watch it with me…in fact - he helped get my summer clothes out of storage yesterday and was going through the plastic storage tub. He came across a skirt and laughed.

He told me that Stacey and Clinton would split a gut laughing at me in the 360. That skirt went in the dumper. :thumbsup:

He has finally learned what an empire waist line is also - one of the few straight men to know that I bet. :smiley:

You think? I don’t think she is so bad - both Clinton and Stacey have sharp senses of humor - I do like the camera chemistry they have together.

Anyone see the premier season, with a different male co-host? Blah - no chemistry there.

I love “What Not to Wear”, too!!

My husband watches with me…when there isn’t a game on…

Did you know Clinton is a Boston College grad? I can’t remember the year he graduated, but we get the BC magazine and there was a story about him in it last year sometime…

I like Stacy a lot, too…I want to see her wear flats sometime…

I used to watch the show, but I eventually stopped.

Although I found the show entertaining at first, I personally didn’t like how much of an emphasis it puts on appearances. I mean, the message Stacey and Clinton seem to send across is “You’re not going to be happy unless you dress fashionably.” I wish they made more of an emphasis on inner beauty, but, hey, this is a materialistic society, right? :frowning:

You mean the guy with long hair? Oh I know what you mean but he was cute :blush:

Yes Clinton and Stacy do have a chemistry…very true.

I saw him, can’t remember his name but do remember he was more touchy feely.

Dude, I get that you’re not into girls but that doesn’t mean you get to feel them up anyway. It made me a little uncomfortable.

Oh, and he wore rugby shirts every show which I thought was counterintuitive considering the show.

Every. Time.

I love it! :slight_smile:

But that is what the show is about: Appearances.

My perception is different as I don’t think they are speaking to peoples happiness but their success. There have been some participants that have worn things that are inappropriate for their age, profession, or decade. Once they get out of a rut (and maybe into a whole new one) all seem to have a new lease on life. I second what Della said upthread. I had/have a horrible habit of buying things that are over sized. It looks dumpy and I look bigger than I am (and the clothes have never shrunk they way I thought they would or needed them to).

As far as inner beauty, I defer to Della’s post again. I think the process is very cathartic for some of the participants as they shed one-dimentional views of themselves and open up to other possibilites. I would think the advantage of knowing “what to wear” and having it would be a load off so I could focus on More Important Things. If I have a comfortable flattering outfit I don’t think about my appearance as much as I do as when I really need to do laundry and I’m scraping the bottom of the clothing barrel.

I love the show too and try to take bits and pieces of it for my own wardrobe. I’ve lost weight so I have been forced (yeah!!) to buy new clothes. With my DD’s help, she tells me that only 1/2 of my clothes now would even qualify me to be on the show!!


Yep - the guy with the long hair! YOU ARE a fan! :smiley:

YEP - that was him.

I enjoy the idea of the show…I use to work in fashion and there are things people don’t know…like did you know that the same item at one store can be the same at another with a different label.

And once a week Macys used to markdown items…once I bought a Jones of NY sweater for 39.00 original cost was 165.00…
Whoopee :extrahappy: I love a bargin:D

It was bugging me so I found his name: Wayne Scot Lukas. I guess he’s gotten a hair cut (:clapping:), has stuff on HSN, and has a message board. His sig line is

“You’re great, exactly as you are, right NOW!
Any shape, any size!”

Thanks! just keep your hands off “the girls”.:blush:

I don’t get that as their primary message. In fact they are always insistent that every woman on the show is beautiful and has a beautiful figure. They provide women with the tools to regain self esteem - yet maintain certain levels of modesty too.

Especially when dealing with those woman still wanting to wear see through tops, show midriffs, too much cleavage and bum.

Self esteem is about inner beauty, no?

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