What Not To Wear

He cut his hair :frowning:

He was a stylist for Shania Twain…:cool:

The dead giveaway (that they’re not focusing on inner beauty) is the fact that they rarely have any makeover subjects over the age of 40 (much less over 50 or over 60), and they generally feature women who, after their makeovers, could be described (in Stacy’s words) as “hot tamales” (although I appreciate the fact that most of the woman have normal figures, and don’t look like runway models).

That being said, I still enjoy watching the show, although I will never understand the obsession with pointy-toed shoes – maybe they give you a longer leg line, but they can also make your feet look like they’re two feet long. :smiley:

I also wish they would feature more reasonably priced clothing. $5,000 sounds like a lot of money for clothes, but how much of a wardrobe will you have when you’re spending several hundred dollars per piece? They do show some lower-priced garments, but they invariably pair those garments with some super-expensive item.

One more little gripe: Stacy and Clinton don’t seem to want to accept that women have lives outside the office. They expect women to wear clothing that is very dressy and extremely tailored – ALL THE TIME! I can’t even dress like that in the office (I would be about three times more dressed up than my boss, and I would look totally out of place); I certainly wouldn’t wear those outfits to mow the lawn or pick weeds out of the garden.

Oh well, they’d never choose me anyway. I’m too old, and I won’t wear heels, or pointy-toes shoes, or sleeveless garments, or plunging necklines, or makeup, and my hair is too short for the stylist to have any fun with it. :smiley:

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Hi CarolAnn :slight_smile:

I think they choose people who apply and are more of an average age/appeal.

I think what most can take away from the show is the ability to be well groomed. In an individual way…
I’ve often thought that I could buy a lot more with the money than they seem too…but latley they have shopped at Macys and you can get really good buys there…In fact some things there cost about the same as Wal Mart…especially on the one day sales;)

As for the hair…well, for the most part I’m not too fond of the hair cuts but then maybe 'Nick" has to deal with the women not wanting to cut their hair:shrug:

I don’t care too much for pointy shoes but I do like the boots:)

That creates a little extra drama for the show – Nick aims his scissors, and the long-haired makeover lady gulps.

Some of the worst hairdos are on women who absolutely refuse to let Nick cut off any extra length. All he can do in those cases is get rid of a few split ends, not really make any change in the style.

He wouldn’t be able to do much with my hair – maybe cut off 1/16 of an inch? No drama at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree that where they shop the $5000 is not a whole lot of money to replace the dreadful wardrobe that was just cast away. BUT - here is the flip side to the expensive items.

Stacey and Clinton never recommend buying trendy things. They always stress classic staples in your wardrobe. A great pair of slacks, an appropriate fitting pair of jeans, always a jacket. Mix and match type stuff that can be combined to have a couple of outfits.

Most of the women featured on that show have shopped in the thrift store - not to knock thrift store shopping , have not shopped since high school, or are wearing their husbands baggy over sized clothing. Many of these woman need to be shown how to rise above that when the need arises.

That you invest in one great classic jacket for $300 that actually fits properly and you will look amazing and be set for years to come.

Stacey and Clinton use the $5000 as the springboard to sensibility in dressing. Most absolutely need help with that.

I have realized that a nice quality pant is going to last me longer and get more wear than the cheap, junk that I could buy.

And I do think S & C acknowledge casual life styles - no not mowing the lawn type stuff. But grocery shopping and picking up the kids from school. Their point is that one can dress comfortable and smartly while doing these activities as easily as one can toss on a ratty sweatshirt and stained jeans.

It certainly has opened my eyes to the simple run out to the store. Though I admit that I could care less what I wear when I go to the hardware store.

Stacy and Clinton would make you wear tailored trousers, a nice blouse, and a tailored jacket (and pointy-toed shoes) to go the hardware store. :smiley: Unfortunately, I have a feeling they would want me to wear the same (maybe substituting expensive jeans for the trousers) to crack-seal the driveway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the women on this show are getting good quality staple items in exchange for their ragged sweatshirts and sweatpants – but the concept of the show is that you give up ALL your old wardrobe. Then you get this handful of pieces in return. It just makes me think that these women have to wear the same few outfits over and over again, and hang out in their pajamas while EVERYTHING goes to the dry cleaners (I would go broke just on the dry cleaning, if all I had was that tailored clothing :eek: ).

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the show, but I can’t see myself dressing like that. It’s way too fancy for my office (which is all professional people), and tailored clothing simply doesn’t fit my body, regardless of what size I buy. My personal modus operandi is getting very inexpensive clothing that lasts forever (very possible if you know how to take care of it :slight_smile: ).

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Now now CarolAnn, I have never ever heard S & C focus on clothing for house work or yard work so we should set that argument aside. I have never heard that.
But that is why the show caters to the atrociously dressed woman. You seem like a reasonable and sensible woman so you are not likely to be a candidate.

From what I have seen, most of the women need to toss away their entire wardrobe. If they do not, they may fall back into old clothing habits. Oh man some of the stuff is hideous - see through, too short, too revealing, ill fitting.

S& C often toss out the most favored outfits of the guests. For good reason too. But let’s just suppose they do not toss out the favored stirrup pant outfit, then don’t you think the woman is going to want to wear it again? Learning what in the long run?

If you could choose either Stacy or Clinton to go shopping with…which would you choose?

I’d pick Clinton…I think I’d get along with him better:)

I’d pick Clinton because I think he is adorable and I like the way he dresses.

Ohhh! I love this show! I don’t watch it on my own, but when I visit certain friends and relatives we watch it together. I always take Clinton and Stacy’s advice with me whenever I shop. Just tonight I was shopping for a new dress, for my confirmation this month. I swear I literally looked at 500 dresses before I found it at Banana Republic. Cute, fashionable, modest, yay!

The best thing I’ve learned from the show is that it’s ok to spend a little more on an especially nice item that is “just right” and will last you for a long time. I have been a penny pincher with clothing for most of my adult life and S&C helped me to see that I wasn’t really getting a bargain if my clothes fall to pieces or go out of style in a matter of months. Also, get rid on the clothes you don’t love! I am slowly whittling down my wardrobe and replacing many old items with a few higher quality, cuter, and more modest pieces of clothing.

I think that so few of the women have anything of decent quality, color, fit and style that they lose almost everything if not everything. I have seen a very small number of participants who got to keep a few staple pieces. It usually looks like a few basics in neutral colors like black left hanging after the purge. Stacy and Clinton do say that they get to decide what the person can keep, so it appears to me that most people have little to nothing that meets their standards. I have also wondered if some people get to keep the occasional track suit for yardwork, etc.

By European standards I think that they do give the people enough clothing to wear for a “basic” wardrobe (absent yard work clothing). In the US we tend to buy more clothing that is of poorer quality and trendier styles while Europeans have fewer pieces of better quality fabrics, classic styles and construction. When my family lived there we had much smaller wardrobes in part because we had to be more selective due to limited storage space and higher prices. I know that if I was married with children I could easily make do with a lot fewer clothes and shoes in order to spend more on the kids. For now clothing and accessories is my treat to myself since I can finally afford to indulge a little.

I don’t know if you have ever thought of learning to sew, but it can really help you get exactly the item that you want in an appropriately modest style, good color, fabric and fit. I got a machine and a good how-to book when I was 23 and I have learned gradually on my own over the years. The first thing I made was denim walking shorts. The second thing was a ball gown because of necessity. It was less costly and time consuming to make the dress than to drive 3 hours to a big city and then spend who knows how many hours shopping plus paying for a hotel. I could also have a gorgeous gown in a modest style instead of the strapless or low cut stuff on offer in stores.

I’m with you, and I’ll bet they don’t give an AARP discount! :smiley: I find the show entertaining, but I’m secure in the way I look “as-is.” It’s all about confidence, and if this show gives its audience tips to make them more confident, that’s great. As for myself, I’m just glad that I work a job where I wear uniforms and don’t have to spend all of that time and money worrying about having the right “look.” And I get to wear comfortable shoes, too! :slight_smile:

Tonights program was about choosing the proper fit underwear…

bra fit is important and something women don’t always get right…:blush:

Now that’s one I wish I had seen! (I guess it will be repeated throught the week). I could use some help there. :o My selection is so limited, though. There aren’t too many 100% cotton knit bras out there, and I can’t have nylon touching my skin.

I sometimes wonder if they go over this subject before sending the women out to shop. It makes a huge difference in how clothing fits if you have on proper undergarments. At times I’ve noticed the women don’t seem to have the proper thing on top (or anything) on when trying on blouses.

I used to fit bras on ladies at a retail store. The most common mistake was too large a size in the back strap so that it rode up right away or after they had stretched it a bit during wearing and too small a size on the cups. I can’t wait to watch my tape of the show from this week.

Oh, I absolutely love that show. Clinton is the best! Stacy is great too but sometimes I think she can come off kind of mean to people if they don’t watch they show and understand her humor. (you know, really sarcastic-y.) It’s amazing what some people think is ok to wear in public!

I do keep some of their tips in mind when I’m shopping as well. I was always someone that didn’t like to go out without my hair and makeup done anyway (I work in the beauty industry so it’s kind of expected) but this show has definetly helped cement that. The way you present yourself to others is important, it shows respect of yourself and them. :slight_smile:

I 've learned more about trouser fittings …boot cut etc. It helps when shopping:thumbsup:

cant take the quiz, everytime I select an answer an ad for gardisil pops up. I enjoy the show sometimes because I watch with granddaughter (quality time), but I just don’t like watching commercial TV and I don’t like it enough to tivo. There is a lot of emphasis on how to be sexy which should not be a gal’s no. 1 concern in selecting a wardrobe.

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