What objects should and should not be blessed?


I know rosaries and medals should be blessed, but what about “spiritual” pictures portraying Divine Mercy, the Last Supper, etc. and objects like decorative crosses? I have asked priests to bless such objects and they had no problem doing so. And should I use such blessed objects in the same way I use blessed rosaries?


I think we should have as many objects blessed as possible. Oh, I don’t mean of course, things that have no obvious spiritual value… but such things as you have mentioned, rosaries, medals and statues of Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin, as well as those of the saints, prayer books, like the Liturgy of the Hours, bibles, crucifixes, pictures depicting holy scenes, particularly pictures of Jesus and Mary, etc.

I am having our local priest come to bless our house as soon as my wife and I complete the acquisition of a couple more crucifixes and pictures.

The practice of blessing objects has, in many areas, fallen into disuse. Where this has occurred, it should be re-kindled; especially the blessing of one’s home, which should be done once every year or so. I will not tell you that blessed objects will keep the devil at bay; this often depends as much on your own spirituality and the condition of you own soul, as on blessed objects around you. I can tell you this, the Evil One does not like them.


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