What occurred today between the Russian and Greek Orthodox Churches?

  1. Develop and apply an ethic of historical memory. What is the usable past for the Ukrainian Church? The renaissance of the 17th century? The heroes of the 21st century? The medieval saints? To what degree will the Ukrainian Church be beholden to its past? Perhaps an initiative to emphasize liturgical, personal, and catechetical study of the Word of God can be an asset in emphasizing Christ as the Alpha and Omega of salvation history.
  2. Ecclesiology. Will the Ukrainian Church draw upon its own heritage of conciliarity and sobornopravnist’, and honor the priesthood of the laity in all aspects of Church life? Or will the Church select monoepiscopacy?

Soon enough, the drama of autocephaly and Tomos will be finished, and the Church will confront the rising of the sun that greets each new day. These are some of the issues her leaders will be tasked with addressing.a


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