What of the protestant worship?

protestant worship does not have the fullness of the catholic faith, but what becomes of the worship then? does the person who truly believes it is right to reject catholic teaching and worship while participating in their own worship still glorify God? if so, what spiritual benefit is there for the worshiper?

Protestant Churches believe they’re the true Church, they’re “how it should be”.

Therefore you’re being very naiive to assume they can’t get any spiritual benefit of it while knowing it’s not the Catholic Church, as they clearly don’t believe the fullness is in the Church.

It’s like saying “How can that tribe think it’s right to eat with their hands? They should use a knife and fork.” - you’re basically imposing your own values on others, and expecting them to share the same as you do.

In defence of most protestants, most dont explicitly deny catholic worship; they never knew. I didnt until I walked into my first mass! I will instead quote my oldest son (now 8):
“iI didn’t know we worshipped God at church when I was 6… We didn’t worship God at our last church.”

From the mouths of babes :slight_smile:
So instead we should pray for them… and invite them to mass if approprate

And, any truth in any other religion, is still God’s truth. While all of the tenets of other faiths may not be true or accurate, what truth there is comes from God. This could be a starting point for sharing our faith…

Well, this may surprise some, but Lutherans believe that God comes to serve us in the Divine Service (Mass) in the Confession and Absolution, the Word read and preached and in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Our Service is from God to man, nan to God as in some other church services.:signofcross:

well whenever i go too my mom’s baptist church it just doesnt feel like worship too me

However Lutherans do not believe that the Divine Service or the (Lutheran) sacraments work any real change in the person. According to Lutheran theology the person is a “snow covered dung heap” (an apocryphal quote attributed to Luther) and all of God’s grace merely covers the corrupt sin-nature of a person so that the person will not be held accountable for their sins.

However, according to the Bible, it is God’s will that humans become new creations to love and to serve Him. Acts 10:45, Rom. 5:5, Titus 3:5–7, etc.

Put another way, worship consists of conforming our wills to God’s Will. Lutheran theology does not see grace as causing or requiring such conformance.

What is worship? How do you know it is worship?

We receive the forgiveness of sins when we receive Christ’s Very Body and Blood in the bread and wine. As you said we are snow covered heap of dung. :signofcross:

nnon Catholics have a right to worship God in the manner that they see is right.God does hear prayers from any people who are truely seeking to find Him.I can’t judge their morality that’s between them and God.Im Catholic so i believe in the things I believe in.I follow the Church’s teachings even in things I don’t understand.But I won’t look down on Buddists or any other faith as long as they don’t deprive me my right to follow the Church.


A Protestant service is the best service you can go to outside any Catholic or Orthodox service. One can still grow deeper in their love of Christ and move closer to God in this way.

That being said; it’s like surviving off of water and bread, when you can have a feast.

Hi there,
I respectfully disagree with the above quote:

Protestant Churches believe they’re the true Church, they’re “how it should be”.

As a non-Catholic, I don’t like to think that my church is the one-and-only-way. I believe, as do many fellow Anglican/Episcopalians, that to follow Christ is the one-and-only-way. The path we walk to get to Him may be different, but I respect all paths as valid.

I have thought about the value of Protestant worship quite a bit. I think it can be objectively measured, but only in relation to Catholic worship.The purest act of worship took place on two thousand years ago on the cross. Only at the Catholic Mass is Christ made present and so only at the Catholic Mass can that perfect act of worship re-presented to God the Father. In this way, only the Catholic Mass makes Christs sacrifice efficacious for us here and now, in our own time and in our own place. All other worship is of lesser value and has merit only in so far as it relates to and lines up with Catholic worship. It’s one of the reasons why I find Evangelical rock band style worship so distastefully profane.

From age to age you gather a people to yourself, so that from east to west a perfect offering may be made to the glory of your name. And so, Father, we bring you these gifts. We ask you to make them holy by the power of your Spirit, that they may become the body and blood of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, at whose command we celebrate this eucharist.

The Christ is made present and the priest says…

Father, callling to mind the death your Son endured for our salvation, his glorious resurrection and ascension into heaven, and ready to greet him when he comes again, we offer you in thanksgiving this holy and living sacrifice.

Baptists and other evangelical style worshippers critique the Catholic re-presentation of Christs sacrifice, and even crucifixes as a denial that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was sufficient. But it is they who fail to make Christ’s sacrifice “Living” for their faithful and as such, their worship looses much of its value.

As a very pragmatic matter, most Churches don’t worship every day like the Catholic Church does. My Methodist firends think the idea of perpetual adoration is “So cool.” They don’t understand the Eucharistic nature of it but they think it is great that someone is in a chapel adoring Christ 24x7. I drive past seven Protestant Churches, every single one of them shuttered and dark, on my way to late night adoration, a Wednesday evening Mass or a Thursday novena.

Only the Catholic Church worshipps in spirit and truth, in every place, 24x7. All other worship is of lesser value.


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