What other bible "signs" in the "heavens" are foretold in scripture for 2017?


Genesis 1: 14 New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (NRSVCE)

  1. And God said, “Let there be lights in the dome of the sky to separate the day from the night; and let them be for** signs **and for seasons and for days and years.

[INDENT]Are Gods “signs” in the sky for everyone, or just a privileged few?
The most famous sign is the Star of Bethlehem which was only seen by a very few “wise men”.

If God made the stars for signs for everyone, what signs have been seen in the past that have changed peoples beliefs?
What signs in the future will God use to help or warn us?[/INDENT]

Revelation 12: 1-4. (KJV)

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

This sign is about to behold us in September.
What will this sign mean to you?
Click below to read.

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Significant Astronomical Events in 2017 with biblical and religious implications.


It seems to me that this come awfully close to astrology which is not part of the Catholic Church teaching.


It seems to me that this come awfully close to astrology which is not part of the Catholic Church teaching.

“Biblical Astronomy” is often confused with “Astrology”.
You can google Biblical Astronomy vs Astrology.


Astronomy: “The scientific study of stars, planets, and other objects in outer space.”
The word astronomy is of Greek origin, meaning “law of the stars”, and deals with the scientific laws or principles that govern the cosmos.

Astrology, on the other hand, is “the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects.

Astrology: The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

The main difference is if you are using the positions of the stars and the planets as your controlling life influence, or are you using God and the bible as your controlling life influence. A sign from God in the form of the positions of the celestial bodies, He created, is described in the Bible. Look at Revelation 12 and compare it with the above picture, or you can click the picture above and see the alignment explained with the scripture verses.

God Bless.


Anything more than our Lord’s command to “watch” is not for us to know. For nearly 100 generations now, the “end times” have been each individuals’ last breath.


Exactly, those who are watching, don’t need to know when. They will be ready.

What about Gods children who are asleep? Who will wake them up?
Gods mercy is for all, not just for the ones watching.
A high percent of the faithful need a “tangible/physical enlightenment” that they can actually see, before they will “wake-up” and seek His mercy.

Thanks for the reply.


This is what I know about the end times. The children who are suffering and dying in the world will be brought up into the loving arms of God.

I am 70 years old so my end time on Earth will probably be any time within the next 30 years or so. I can read that sign loud and clear. Beyond that, I will leave the signs alone because for every supposed sign there will be a thousand interpretations.

The only sign in the stars spelling out the end of the world could be a asteroid on it’s way and we notice it before it happens. That is a sign that we can all agree on.


Seeing portents is not what is important, it’s understanding them and being able to do something with that understanding.

Get back to me in October 2017…


What does it say in scripture and from The Holy See about forecasting, prediction, looking into the future?

That’s a sign for you OP.

There is one sign , written in the Gospel and Revelation we are to look for

‘Jesus shall defend in all Power and Glory’

There you go. Wait for that sign!


That would be nice if God would “let it happen that way”. Everyone could be saved that wanted to be at the last minute. Unfortunately, he has already said that He will come like a thief in the night. Be on guard. Be aware of the signs I have giving you. No one knows the day or the hour, but the Father.

The page is not giving a date for the End Times. It is giving a date for a “sign” of the End Times". So we may be woken from our disregard.


Well, it also says Christ will ascend down on the clouds with a shout among legions of angels, with every eye seeing this happen, so that doesnt sound too much like a thief in the night.

The ‘thief in the night’ reference I believe is describing the day or time it actually happens, it will come AT A TIME NO ONE IS EXPECTING, which is interesting in itself, If it happens at a time NO ONE expects, does that imply people will not be able to recognize signs and warnings, or will the ‘times’ be different from what the bible says? Plus, I cannot imagine a time when at least a good percentage of people do not believe is the real end times, so if NO ONE is expecting it when it happens, that must mean conditions will be different than the bible foretells.

I also wonder if the church will be included in those not expecting it to happen when it does? What are some implications of that…if the church can not accurately determine what times we are living in?

From some of the previous posts, someones earthly death and the real end of the world/ second coming, are going to be 2 entirely different things, even those who have been dead for 1000s of years will be involved in the second coming, at some point everyone who has ever died will be back on the earth, in their glorified body, point is, the second coming is going to be a HUGE deal for both the living and the dead.


When I look at the Ephemeris for Oct 13 2017, I ONLY see Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Virgo, NOT the Sun nor Mercury. Methinks this site is feeding you some poor info.


Hi Christine77,
Thanks for the looking at the site.
I think the brightness of the Sun is preventing you from seeing the labels for the Sun and Mercury.

The picture below shows the sky on October 13, 2017. The Sun is the bright light near the center, the label is obscured by its brightness. Mercury is just left of the sun, the label is also obscured by the brightness of the sun. So, the four planets are in the constellation.

The greater significance of this date is of course #1 the 100-year anniversary of the Miracle Dance of the Sun at Fatima, but also #2 the crossing of Jupiter over the leg of the “virgin”, marking the transition from being “delivered” to now being “born”.
Webpage updated 5-31-17:

I added a new image to the bottom of the webpage that may be of interest, showing the sky as it appeared on October 13, 1917 from Fatima, Portugal, at the time right before the “Miracle Dance of the Sun”. I found it very interesting that at solar noon, when the sun is straight south, the constellation Virgo is also directly centered on the south azimuth line. This tells me that the Virgin Mary equate herself with the constellation Virgo since she timed the Miracle at Fatima, on that day and at that time, solar noon, when the sun and Virgo are both centered on the azimuth.

See Fatima image here.


I have made a study of signs in the heavens and have since discovered and understand the star of Bethlehem. scripturescholar.com/VenusStarofBethlehem.htm
This sign is also strongly connected to the sign of our Lady of Guadalupe.
I do believe that the signs were made for us to understand and recognize, but nearly everything on the internet misdirects rather than bringing us closer to God.

I also have discovered and understand the signs in Revelation 12. Those sign does not occur this year but not too many years hence see. scripturescholar.com/ApocalypseKey.htm

I made a list of 10 or so signs in the heavens associated with Jesus life see

Grace and peace,


It’s all very interesting. Are you anticipating another sighting of Mary on October 13th?


I got an Error 404, file not found, when I tried to open your PDF.

Just curious, do you think UFOs are one of the signs? I believe they are. I have countless reports that involve people seeing lights form a triangle then disappear, to me this hints at the trinity. I think its also interesting that not everyone sees them and/or some people do not believe they are legitimate either, then theres also the natural and man made explanations many are quick to throw out there…to me, all of this put together suggests a real sign/ warning.

Im not saying every report/ claim is a real sign, but I do think some are.



Bruce has a typo on the his PDF link. It should be:

The Astronomical Webpage has been updated with more info about the August 21st eclipse and its correlation to the “King”.

Also a YouTube video of the events has been uploaded with an animation of the sun and planet movements from September 2016 to September 2017.



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