What other churces celebrate Easter Vigil?

Stopped at WalMart on our way home from the Easter Vigil at about 11 pm and noticed quite a few people dressed up. Perhaps some were Catholics (unlikely tho - most Catholics around here tend to dress very casually), but we wondered what other churches would celebrate Easter on Saturday night? It wasn’t something we did in any of the Protestant churches I used to attend.

High Anglicans (Episcopal) will also celebrate the vigil.

The Orthodox celebrate around midnight, but I doubt there are a lot of Orthodox in Northeast Washington :stuck_out_tongue:

The Orthodox celebration for Easter begins at 11pm on Saturday night and lasts until around 2am on Easter morning.

May not be a lot of us, but there is an Orthodox presence in Spokane at least.

There is an OCA cathedral in Seattle. I remember reading about it in a “mystery worshipper” article on Ship of Fools.

Us Evangelical Catholics have Easter vigil.

Hadn’t thought of the Episcopalians. No Orthodox church here, only in Spokane as far as I know. Lutherans here don’t consider themselves Catholic - that’s a new one on me! But maybe they would have an Easter eve service.

Since it was a very nice evening yesterday, we worshiped at our old parish in NYC that celebrates the Vigil. Most Lutheran congregations in my area include the Easter Vigil on Saturday but not too many start the service at 11pm like in the old days.

Lutherans do.

Heres a photo of the Liturgy of the Burial (and Adoration of the Corpus Christi) that happened early Saturday

Easter Vigil consited of the Liturgy of Light, Baptism and Holy Eucharist

Is the church in the photo an ELCA parish?

Yes. It’s a long story - but they cheerfully remain in the ELCA as a witness and pray for the local and national presidents. As I understand it, they haven’t given money to the ELCA synod in the last 20 years or so and are quite the thorn in the side.

The Church of England (Anglican) parishes near us all celebrate the Saturday evening Vigil as did St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. I saw the order of service and they seem to use all the old testament readings (nine I think) plus Psalms. Two of the churches had their Vigils in the morning, one at 5am and another at 5.30am after which breakfast was served.

We at the Charismatic Episcopal Church celebrate the Easter vigil, in addition to Holy Thursday and Good Friday

In the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Resurrection liturgy is from 7 pm Saturday to about 12:15-12:30 am Sunday morning.

I’ve noticed other parishes celebrating the Easter Vigil in the same manner. An early morning high Mass on Sunday followed by a parish breakfast rather than the Saturday evening Vigil. This was done many years ago at my own parish. After Mass we can go home and watch the NBA playoffs! :smiley:

and the not-so-high.

Sorry, had to say it!

A random large number of protestant churches are probably going to have some kind of service / ceremony / singing / choir concert / gathering on the eve of Easter. Methodist / Presbyterian / Baptist / Pentecostal / non-denominational churches are highly autonomous or completely autonomous and can pretty much do whatever they want.

In this area I would say most of the Lutheran Churches (including ELCA) have an Easter Vigil that would follow the same format as the Catholic service, more or less. All of the Episcopal Churches around here have an Easter Vigil (again, same format as the Catholic service) although some celebrate it in the early morning. I know of a few UCC churches that have a vigil of readings and communion.

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