What other denominations/religions books/writings would you take to a desert island and why?

You can’t bring anything belonging to your own faith.

Me - I’d bring everything I could find on Luther, the catholic catechism and the everything I could find on the early church fathers.

Why? To get a better picture of the real Luther. And a better picture of the early church.

And then contrast that with what we have today and see what disconnects there are, if any.

What would you bring to the island and why?

Lots of Buddhist literature.

Specifically? Buddhism for Dummies since I’m a noob to Buddhist literature. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything written by Dietrich Boenhoeffer. A collection of the writings of Hans Denck. Shankara’s Crest Jewel of Discrimination. Confucius’s Analects. A good translation of the Tao Te Ching. Note that I can’t bring a complete Bible since the New Testament was written by Catholics.

– Mark L. Chance.

The hindu “upanishads”, orthodox “way of the pilgrim” Milton’s "paradise Lost’(puritan) , The Diamond Sutra(Buddhist),the writings of Lao Tzu(Taoist).

Science and Health with Key to Scripture-Christian Science. Interesting and powerful in parts.
Urantia Book-Because its so big and it is an interesting read.
Book of Mormon-because I never finished it.
I would second the Analects which someone else mentioned.
Science of Mind-Ernest Holmes-never read it.
Autobiography of a Yogi-read it a long time ago and really enjoyed it.

Any Jewish books I am missing, since I don’t know what I am missing!!
Lets see…that should start me off ok.

Oh, I forgot my Tanakh!

I would bring everything by the early gnostics… Christian and otherwise. They have some interesting ideas, and some of the texts are interesting and beautiful… (although some are drudgery to read O_o

Since I can’t bring anything on my own faith, then any novel written by Frederick Forsyth.:smiley:


Cost of Discipleship by Bonhoeffer.

I’d also bring multiple works by C.S. Lewis.

I would bring works by C.S. Lewis. Works by G.K. Chesterton written while he was still Anglican (I know this is kind of cheating :D). Albert Camus, even though he didn’t really write for, or about, any particular religion. Luther’s works also wouldn’t be a bad idea. And for a comedic relief I would bring works by Ray Comfort.

God bless

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