What other prayers are said on the Rosary?


I know the Divine Mercy Chaplet - what other prayers traditionally use Rosary beads?


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I’m not sure, but since the rosary beads are but beads, you can come up with your own chaplet or prayers and use the beads for counting them.


Prayer beads have many functions. I have a lovely “Stations of the Cross” set of beads that I received when my grand-aunt died . . .haven’t a clue where it came from or how old it may be, but it pleases me and I pray with it often. Her husband (Uncle Ed) had been in the seminary at one point in his life (probably in the 1920s), so it may have been his originally . . .


There are many devotions involving beads called chaplets. Some require different beads though. You may find something you like here catholic-pages.com/dir/chaplets.asp but the rosary is a very powerful weapon to have in your arsenal on this journey. Never give that up. It can get you to heaven. God bless:) :thumbsup:


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