What other predictions came from the bible?


So Jesus predicted the destruction of the temple at Jerusalem. What other predictions came from the bible?


Mostly false teachers and false prophets. Also, James cautioned that not many of us should be teachers, as thery will receive a more severe punishment (James 3:1).


Not exactly sure what you mean by ‘predictions’. But there are over 300 Bible prophecies that Jesus fulfills. There are many books about these predictions/prophecies. It’s really interesting to look into!


Me either, so I just went with the NT prophesies.

Of all, I ifnd Zechariah 12:10 one of the most useful in ecumenical dialog:

“On David’s clan, on all the citizens of Jerusalem, I will pour out a gracious spirit of prayer; towards me they shall look, me whom they have pierced through.[3] Lament for him they must, and grieve bitterly; never was such lament for an only son, grief so bitter over first-born dead.” (Knox Translation)

It shoots down the “other children of Mary” innovation that we see so much of.


As far as the quote from Zechariah. Even the NAB (along with other translations) state it not as Jesus was an only son. It has nothing to do with Mary having other children.

Zechariah 12:10 (NAB)
…they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and they will grieve for him as one grieves over a firstborn


When I was looking over the 100 biblical hints about what nation modern day Babylon is, I was amazed at how accurate the bibles authors were in knowing exactly what our society would be like some 2000 years later!!!

They clearly mentioned air travel being common, trade between all nations, some having HUGE sea ports, peoples knowledge increasing (internet access), there are MANY others as well, if you read thru them, it is shocking how accurate it is!

(I can provide the list if anyone wants, I posted this on another thread a few days ago, on another board on CAF).

I dont think anyone I know of that is living today would be intelligent enough to even speculate about how the nations will be 2000 years in the future, how could anyone know what type of travel will be popular, what people will be focused on, etc? THIS IS JUST AMAZING TO ME!!!


Well, different translations for different folks! However, if one mourns only “as for an only son”, yet it is not an only son, is that not false mourning?

In any event, I trust Monsignor Knox’s translation a bit more than I do a ‘certain’ other. But, that’s for another thread.


Just adding a quick note about the word “prediction”. Who makes predictions? Astrologers, fortune tellers, those who use divination and false prophets come to mind. Jesus never made a “prediction”. Jesus prophesied many things, and there are many prophecies in the Scriptures. The difference in the two words is that anyone can make a prediction, and it MIGHT come true (people do that all the time in Vegas). However, when God prophesies something, you can be certain that it WILL come to pass! Always remember! Never forget! Words have meaning!

mikekle brought up a good point about what the future will be like. I remember what scientists were predicting for the new century (that’s this one) back in the 50’s (I’m still waiting for my hover car!). The Scriptures are full of prophecies. Many have come to pass, others are still pending. Where there any specific prophecies you were interested in?


Surprisingly the only thing preventing hover cars and other cool sci fi stuff, is room temp superconductors and I imagine the big oil and gas industry may have an interest in keeping this technology from ever coming to fruition.


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