What other religion(s) do you have in your family?

I am just curious because my family is VERY divided in terms of religon. I wanted to see if other peoples families are as divided.

Well,that was a hard one…we cover many area…Muslim, R.C., Protestant, Pagan & Reformed Protestant …kinda like the UN :smiley:

Besides a lot of us being cradle Catholics the rest of my family is Protestants: Baptists, Pentecostals, Methodists, Non-denominationals, converts to Protestantism from Catholicism, fallen-away Protestants.

We have a few converts to Catholicism from Protestantism, fallen-away Catholics, and one Jewish person, whom my cousin married.

Last summer I attended a wedding of a relative on my father’s side of the family. The church was full beyond belief. They were all Italians and they were rocking with prayer and song. I could not believe the roar when everyone responded. We all blew the priest away and believe me when I say the priest was a strong magnificant opera quality tenor with a mammoth voice.

My maternal grandmother is the matriarch of my family and a devout Catholic. My mom has many siblings and some of them have married outside the Catholic faith. I have a Presbyterian uncle who married into the family whose father is a minister. Another uncle married a woman of Asian ancestry and that particular aunt is Buddhist. Another aunt who married into the family is Jewish. All of these aunts/uncles are respectful of the Catholic faith and all of their children have been baptised as Catholics and educated in the Catholic faith at least at a rudimentary level. I’m not sure how strong the Catholic tradition is in their homes but it pleases my grandmother to know that at least all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren have been baptised as Catholics. My Jewish aunt converted several years ago and she is more devout than my uncle who was raised Catholic. My brother married a Jewish woman but, sadly, my brother has become atheist. My dad was raised as Church of England and his entire family is C of E. Despite the wide variety of faiths that married into my mom’s generation, my cousins and I have all shared something special. In 1965 my grandmother made a baptismal gown for one of my cousins. 14 grandchildren and 4 (soon to be 5) great-grandchildren have been baptised in that gown, including my two children. It’s a nice tradition that links all of us.

Growing up we never went to church. And not just in my immediate family - nobody went to church - not uncles, not aunts, not cousins, not grandparents. Never went to church & never discussed God or religion. It’s still that way. So last year I announce to my mother & father that I was going to become Catholic. Their response? "What do you mean you are going to BECOME Catholic ? We ARE Catholic! Our families have always been Catholic!!

I’m like HUH? And they said, “We’re Italian and Polish - of course we are Catholic!”

Could’ve fooled me.

My wife is an ex-INC (Inglesia ni Cristo–a cult founded by Felix Manalo here in the Philippines). Right now she’s inbetween; she goes to Mass with me, but officially she doesn’t belong to the Church yet because she wasn’t even baptized when she was with the INC.

My Grandma was Church of God. Her daughter, my Mom, was Lutheran. My Dad was Methodist. My sister is (says she is) Baptist. After I was about 14, not a one of them went to Church again.
But every one of them was and is anti-Catholic.

I came from a “we’re Catholic and don’t you EVER forget it!” devout, never-missed-a-Sunday family. Mom’s mother was Protestant until she was on her deathbed, but having promised to raise her children Catholic never went back on her word. (She was baptized a few days before she died.)

One brother married a Catholic. The other brother married a Methodist in a joint Catholic-Methodist ceremony concelebrated by a Catholic deacon. (Dad was never quite comfortable that the marriage was valid without a priest; we assured him it was.) She became a Catholic this past Easter.

Our sister married a Catholic, had a messy divorce, and recently re-married a Jewish man in front of a Rabbi. He’s absolutely the nicest guy, very respectful and considerate of all of us - what a catch she made!

On my husband’s side, they were primarily Methodist but his Dad and Mom were not strong church-goers. So my husband and his brother became devout Catholics, and their sister became an evangelical Baptist who for many years ran an all-denominations children’s bible/summer camp.

Everyone in my family are Chriatians, but the “other” in my family are Roman Catholics.

[quote=Ric]Everyone in my family are Chriatians, but the “other” in my family are Roman Catholics.

Are you saying that the Catholics in your family aren’t Christians?

[quote=carol marie]Are you saying that the Catholics in your family aren’t Christians?

Are you saying they are?

Sorry, but yes most of my family whom are Roman Catholic have been baptized Roman Catholic and try to live a good life. Sad to say that they (most of them, not all of them) attend mass only at Christmas and Easter. And if I tried to talk to them about Jesus they just say “I don’t want to hear about it!”

And the ones who do attend mass every week and more are so wrapped up in “religion” that they would not know God’s Grace if it were to bite them on the behind!

Sad to say that there are the two extremes in my family, one who are the “Cafeteria Catholics” and the others whom are the “if the pope said it, and it goes against God’s Word, The pope is right Catholics”.



Don’t take the bait everyone. Just move on with the thread topic.

Ignoring Ric…
That is pretty funny, Carol Marie you were Catholic all along!

I have mostly Catholic in my family and some Protestants , then non-denoms (Calvary Chapel) and some Pentecostal.

Now that I have come back to the Church, I picked up some flack but once I started to explain the faith and made some sense all of a sudden they don’t want to talk about it.


Everyone in my household is either Catholic or nothing and the nothing will come around. The Divine Mercy Chaplet never fails and the Rosary too of course.

Hey, let’s all remember all ric’s Catholic family in our prayers and at Mass and you can bet your soul that the Holy Spirit will fill the hearts of His people and enkindle in them the fire of His love…much to ric’s chagrin.

Don’t ya also have to just kinda wonder how many of those people’s faith has been damaged or wrecked by ric’s a-C rhetoric (well meaning as he probably is).

I don’t care what other Christian church a person goes to. I do my dead level best to never cause them to lose their faith because I have something to say. That’s like ripping the harvest of God up by the roots just to make sure that all the roots look like mine. Who am I to test the work of the Holy Spirit!?

[quote=carol marie]So last year I announce to my mother & father that I was going to become Catholic. Their response? "What do you mean you are going to BECOME Catholic ? We ARE Catholic!

Ohmigoodness! What did you say?

When you “converted,” you were eligible for all of the Sacraments right away! How precious they are and how wonderful for you! :thumbsup:

I wish I had been raised in the church. I grew up in an atmosphere of “seeking” - I lived through my parents’ varying degrees of protestant belief - Herbert W Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God, then the occult, mysticism, and finally A Course in Miracles.

I was given a Ouija board for a birthday or Christmas present, once when I was 10 or 12 years old! :eek: When my father later heard something on The World Tomorrow radio show about the evil nature of Ouija boards, he snapped it across his knee and threw it outside in the trash. My sister and I had already had some kind of contact with something, so it was too late.

As I became an adult, I went to a huge variety of churches and groups in search of something sustaining and True. Today’s readings and homily spoke of my situation, exactly.

I’m very grateful to finally be HOME. :slight_smile:


I was born and raised Catholic. Strayed as a young adult, but now I have “come home” Most in my family are non practicing Catholics, except for my mom. But “the topper of all the toppers” is that my partner is SDA…what a combo you say!!
~ Kathy ~

the most popular religion in our family is former Catholic, now secular humanist doing my own thing, while flirting with various new age trendy things, writing my own commandments which justify whatever I feel like doing at any particular time and place

“Catholic” wasn’t on the list, so I chose “other”.

DUh, how could I forget Catholicism! :o I guess I thought only Catholics woudl eb the ones voting… oh well.

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