What parallels are there between Samson and Jesus?


These are things I’ve discerned

-one was a hero-like strongman with a God given blessing
-one is the Son of God and consubstantial with him

-one was a Nasirite, consecrated from before conception to live a different lifestyle from most Jews
-the other a Nazarene, who had a very special kind of conception yet would live a lifestyle where he would get by and seem not really unlike any other Jew

-one used his God given physical strength to do conspicious feats that only could have been done with such strength
-the other consistently kept himself meek and tried to live a life demonstrating that meekness and the resulting love are some of the greatest blessings ever

-one revealed the source of his strength while being around a tempting someone (Deliliah) and got in trouble while leisurely sleeping before the event which eventually led to his death.
-one constantly said why he had the abilities and could do what he did but was meet with disbelievers. Near the end of his death the Evil one tried to tempt him,he was aware of what was being done and refused,all before his death.

-one was blinded by ppl glad to have had him captured and made into a spectacle
-the other was brutally tortured and the reception of him about to die was “mixed” to say the least

-one asked God for strength to destroy his captors and brought down a whole building with him
-the other said to God how they don’t know what they are doing and (I’m not sure in which Gospel) after he dies there’s a period of darkness and an earthquake which wrecks a temple .

-one uses his method of dying as mean to his own self-concerned end…and with some amount of indignation? (feel free to retort me on that:I feel like I’m missing seeing something about Samson’s importance anyhow,whether in Judaism or Christianity)
-the other dies with the purpose that his death is the ultimate form of charity for anyone who believes;all out of love in every true which way including others

One a boisterous strongman with a privileged life who did whatever he felt like with his gift and the other a seemingly inconspicious carpenter with abilities he always used for underlying purposes,knowing of the significance of his Messianic destiny…

It’s kind of like Samson can be said to represent a (“watered down”?) "reverse-"story of a saviour while the life of Jesus is the narrative of the making of an unmatchable saviour.

_ There’s probably more that can be digged in,there…would anyone else care to say a bit?


–Both men of considerable physical strength.

–Both consecrated from birth for the deliverance of their people.

–Samson carried the gates of Gaza on his shoulders; our LORD carried the wood of the Cross on his shoulders.

–Samson was blinded and mocked near the end of his life; our LORD was blindfolded and mocked near the end of his life.

–Despite supernatural sources of power, both were bound and delivered unto their enemies.

–After his downfall, Samson was made to labor for his enemies. Our LORD was made to participate in HIS own execution by carrying the Cross.

–Both deaths were an act of deliverance for the people.



Samson set fire to the fields of the Gentiles, in pairings of foxes.


Hi sidetrack,

Goliath cannot be a type of Jesus; he represents the forces of evil. There is more percentage in comparing David to Jesus. Jesus is the son of David. I suggest you read the Psalm of David in chapter 22 of 2 Samuel. Word for word the Psalm can be applied to David AND Jesus.



I said Samson and not Goliath.


Both had their births announced by Angels.


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